How long can a nissan maxima with 200,000 miles last?

Sounds like a low milage 1995 maxima…Two of my customers have over 465,000 miles and the other 550,000 miles on a 1996 and a 1998 Maxima. They both drive over two hours each way to and from work. So much for living in the country and working in the city. Both are oil changed once a month and both have extensive service records and neither car has had a wrench placed on the engine one even has the original water pump. 3.0 liter cared for maximas can go a long time trust me. Both cars have had 10 brake jobs and three and four sets of shock struts replaced. Two suspension rebuilds and some rear axle beam bushings and a dozen fuel filters. 4 and 6 sets of spark plugs. Get to know a nissan technician and follow him or her around. We can keep your car running a very long time untill the seats crumble and body work starts to fall apart.

Just jeep changing the oil. You could go another 200,000.

wow i mean 200k is a lot . a lot of cars can run up to 200k no problem epsically hondas , nissans and toyotas, but after 200k, im not really sure just make sure u maintain it correctly, oil change, tune up etc…

prolly for another 150k if you can keep up with the proper mentainance which is not gonna be that costly.

The first 3 answers say it all, If it works don't fix it!!


it should last you at least another 100,000 miles, My friend has hers up to 310K. Mine is currently up to 272K. Only big issue has been the oxygen sensors will affect your emissions testing.

Another 100, 000 or so, but you will have to put money in repairs to keep it going. Don't buy it from someone, unless they give it to you for free.

yo that is very low miles
the nissan maxima engine is almost undestructable
and they can last over 300,000 easily
nothing much is need to run it longer
mines is around 200,00 and it still runs on original stock parts
nothing to worry anout
just oil changes
air filter changes
and change spark plugs every 3 yrs
then it would run pertfet
almost your whole life time

I'm not a mechanic, but I'd expect more than 16K miles from the pads, and a lot longer on the rotors. Are you doing any heavy-duty driving, like: – a lot of stop-and-go driving, like delivering mail or newspapers? – do you live on a dirty, dusty road, and the brakes are full of grit? – do you do a lot of fast stops from high speeds? – does a teenager drive the car?

At least 200k miles……… 😉

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