Word analogy: thunder is to lightning as grape is to?

The answer is seed, not wine. The important thing in analogies is to keep track of the order. Compare the two things that come first in each part: thunder and grape.

THUNDER is to lightning, as GRAPE is to ______.

Thunder is the result of lightning. So, in figuring out grape, you should ask: grape is the result of what? A seed.

Another clue that the answer isn't wine is that a raisin is also a result of a grape, so you know you've got the order wrong.

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Seed. Lightning produces thunder just as a seed will eventually produce a grape. Raisin and wine are the reverse of this so they are eliminated and sun can be eliminated because it has an indirect affect on the process while we know the relationship has to be direct. The sun would perhaps be the stormy weather. Without it there would be no grape, but it is not the direct producer of the grape like lightning is for thunder.

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word analogy: thunder is to lightning as grape is to?


thunder is caused by lightning, grapes are caused by seeds


Well now that everyone has successfully confused you, I will break the tie and tell you that the answer is seed because thunder comes from lightning, and grapes come from seeds.



ADD: thunder results from lightning, wine results from grapes.

Your choice now.

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