Please solve this riddle, brain teaserr. =)))))?

You saw a shirt worth 97 dollars
Since you don't have cash, you borrowed 50 from your mom, and 50 from your dad
So, you have 100
Since the shirt is 97 dollars, you still have 3 dollars left
You gave 1 dollar to your mom, and 1 dollar to your dad, and you kept one for yourself

Question: Now you owe 49+49= 98 Plus the one you have, 98+1= 99


Two people have 4 feet, ten cats have 40 feet. So there are 44 feet in the barn, but cats don't have feet, they have paws, so there are only 4 feet in the barn. *Yawns* better luck next time!!

There's no missing dollar.

Shirt $97
Mom $ 1
Dad $ 1
You $ 1
Total $100

There is no missing dollar. You can't add them together that way. $97, the right price, plus the $1 you kept, plus the two $1's each mom and dad got, equals $100.

The ppl who answered before me need to stop bein smarty pants pollys and think outside the box.

This is a mathematical anomolly. As long as you add the numbers (*WHICH ARE NOT WRONG BTW*) the way you did you will always come up with a missing dollar. There is no solution. This is one of the very few mistakes in math. Usually in math, there is always one correct answer, but this is one of the very few times that there is no answer.

There is no missing dollar

it is all in the wording and the fact that people accept the problem as it is given. you cant add up the remaining amount of what you owe and expect to reach the original number. it needs to be a subtraction problem from the original amount. 100-97=3, 3-2=1. (with that being 97+2+1=100). what people automatically think is that you should add the dollar you kept to the 98 making what you owe 49.50. but since owing should be subtract from what you have instead of added, the amount would be 48.50 and at that point you have paid back 3. 48.50+48.50=97. 97+the 3 you paid back, 100.

there is no missing dollar lol

You kept the extra dollar

the 1 dollar has been spent for the shirt…. and u owe 50 dollars from both………and u have kept 1 dollar for u….simple

The is no extra dollar. You added the wrong numbers together to get $98 because there are really 2 extra dollars. $97 for the shirt + the $1 you kept = $98 The 2 extra dollars went back to your parents.

The dollar you have kept for yourself should not have been added to the money you owe, it should have been subtracted instead.
97 is the worth of the shirt.
the 3 dollars, let's say, if given to ur mom or dad, and you didn't keep anything for you, then you owe them, 48 and 49.
There's no missing dollar.

Umm dude you added the wrong #s 97 for the shirt + 1 you kept= 98
98+2 you gave to your parents= 100 There is no missing dollar! ( I didn't look at the comments)

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