How do i ask my preacher to marry us without soundin like im proposin. lmao…?

"Could you officiate our wedding" or "Could you perform the ceremony. '' I know what you mean! We didn't really think about it before hand, so when we asked our minister to marry us, it sounded a little weird! 🙂

Hi. You don't need to ask him/her unless this is a friend.

You simply call him/her up (or talk with them after services on Sunday) and say…."I want to talk to you about setting up a wedding because I'm getting married!"

haha! yeah right it sounds like you want a threesome. just tell him you're engaged and would be honored if he performed the ceremony for you.

You just say, "I'm getting married on ______. Would you perform the ceremony for us?"

That's part of their job. Just tell him you would be honored if he would marry you and your fiance. Then ask what he would charge. Some don't charge, but it is always nice to pay them for their time anyway.

"Will you perform our wedding ceremony?"

"Will you be the officiant for our wedding?"

Well, My preacher and I have known eachother since i was born he was 18 when i was born so he is like 39 now, and I asked him, if he would like a free trip to Morroco, he was taken back, and asked me what I ment, and I simply said " I want you to officiate (fiances name) and my wedding ceramony, I would be honoured if you could, and we have agreed that the trip would be on us entirely if you would come forth and officiate for us." Needless to say, Father Micheal is coming to Morroco with us 🙂

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