10 POiiNTS. How can i make fake cuts (for my wrists)?

It's for my photography assignment, about cutting and depression.
Long story short, i need to find an easy and simple way on how to make fake scars on my wrists, they don't have to look very realistic but need to look believable. And please nothing too complicated where I need airbrush paints or somesort of jelly…. thanks 🙂

10 Poiints to whoever can help me out !

I got one of my friends to stop after this…thing…[not gonna go into detail, just know it was big] happened. is happening with my twin sister. I told her, basically that I wasn't superhuman and could only worry about one person without going insane…it sounds weird and kinda mean now, but you weren't there and she understood. So I had her promise not to cut, and she's gotten close but hasn't broken her promise. This won't help you, cutting I mean. The world is a sad place. Don't place another burden on yourself, I'm begging you. You can become addicted. What my friend did is she put a rubber band round her wrist and every time she wants to cut, she snaps it. That could help. btw, we're also thirteen.

it depends, do you want raw, just cut and bloody looking scars? or are you looking to make just plain scars?

For raw looking scars: get a red lip liner pencil and draw a thin straight line across or vertically on your wrist, and smudge slightly with your finger. Get some clear nail polish and paint thinly over the smudged line and allow to dry. Once it's dry, color over the nail polish with the red lip liner and some black eyeliner (along with with any other colors that you would find suitable to look like a raw looking scar, such as brown) and smear them together on top of the polish. Take a tooth pic and sort of pick at parts of the polish (like you're picking at a scab) to make it look like an open wound.

For faded scars: Get a neutral, skin colored shade of lip liner or eyeliner (one that matches your skin) and draw a line across your wrist darkly. Smudge a little to make it look faded.

well if you get some kind of wax, or even play dough you could blend it into the skin and put foundation on it to blend it, then with a pen or something draw a line and then use red paint or ketchup or soemthing like that (:
Hope this helps=]

Do red lipstick,blotch it with something,make sure it doesn't smear,take eye shadow/blush and use brown/gray a nasty color and only do it once.outline it with light lip liner or something like that. Do it on one of you wrist creases(looks like a wrinkle) to make it look real. Also their are images on google just type in fake wrist cut with makeup and images will show up. Hope this helps!

prank books, they have the answer for anything, you know how they teach you how to make fake pimples and boils? just do the same but for scars, that's if you want them protruding a bit, like scars.
or, draw the "cuts" with a red pen and go over them with a lead pencil – it works!
or, youtube might be able to help :3


Just use ketchup. Or you could just buy some from a local store. You could also use red paint to make scars on wax paper, then when they dry peel them off.

Fake Cuts

I would just draw a straight line on ur wrist with a red marker n put fake blood on it

Buy fake blood from party city or you can follow this recipe:

1. Get a red ballpoint pen and draw cut like lines on your wrist
2.get red food coloring and add one drop to the "cut" you made on your wrist and ur done :).

Or…you can use sharpie instead of pen and fake blood instead of red food coloring.

put anything you want, take the photo of your wrist and then photoshop it! Every damn thing will look real with great photoshop

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