How many orbitals make up the 4d subshell?


S: holds 2 electrons (1 orbital)
P: holds 6 electrons (3 orbitals)
D: holds 10 electrons (5 orbitals)

Each orbital can hold a maximum of 2 electrons each, both spinning in opposite directions due to the negative charges repelling each other.

D is the correct answer.-

d. here's the rule: 1 in s, 3 in p, 5 in d, 7 in f, 9 in g, and so on.

just look at the periodic table. your d-orbitals are the transition elements. And each orbital holds 2 electrons. since the d orbital will have a maximum of 10 electrons (10 elements, and 1 electron per element), you take 10 electrons/(2electrons/orbital) and you get 5 orbitals.

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