What do firefighters do when there are no fires?

Circle jerk

They spend much of their time doing that but they also do things like demos at schools, continuing training. Depending on the place many fire fighters actually live at the fire house so they would do much of the same sort of things that anyone else would do around the house.

rescue cats

Call an arsonist.

They sit around or go home and party while getting paid with your tax dollars

Seriously, my dad was one for 29 years. They sit and watch Porn, play basketball, whistle at girls going by and in general goof off.

It's ONE EASY azz job, most are real jerks…my dad wasn';t too bad but most are in love with themselves

The Fire Department responds to a lot of medical situations and traffic accidents. In Los Angeles every firefighter is an EMT and many are Paramedics. Their rigs are equipped with a lot of special equipment to handle extrication of trapped patients as well. Fires are few and far between (thankfully) but the 911 calls they get dispatched on are numerous.

BBQ, nap, watch TV, clean their hoses

eat donuts like cops 🙂

Rape and pilledge.

And the occasional golf game.

set fires

enjoy life
focus and are glad that there is no fire

When they are on duty you will often see them doing what anyone else would be doing such as maintaining and cleaning the equipment, keeping up with chores in the firehouse, playing cards or other games, studying, reading, sleeping, and eating. I think that doing drills is reserved for off duty hours so as to maintain an alert status in the "house". Don't get the idea that there is nothing do when not fighting fires, but I would rather they be waiting for my call when I need them and don't care what they do when not fighting fires. Wouldn't you?

The make fires in the fire hall basement…It's fun for them. Then they put them out, obviously.

Can anyone tell me what is the right answer for this question?

They maintain their equipment and go to training classes. The probably do some waiting as well. They can do anything they want as far as I'm concerned, because when you need them they are there. Same thing for the police.

What Do Firemen Do

sleep, play cards, eat.

The fire department is often the first responder for a myriad of different emergency calls. Many firemen are also certified EMTs, so they can help with medical emergencies too. But they go on all kinds of different calls – not just burning houses. If your old granny falls and calls 911, the first person she sees will probably be a fireman. And don't forget car wrecks!

There are always maintenance and upkeep of equipment duties to be performed, so all is in perfect working order.

Do drills, Train, keep the equipment maintained. ect.

they live their life, just like u and me!!!!

A lot of fire departments have their firemen go on ambulance calls with the paramedics. There is also a lot of maintenance on equipment so they are busier than you would think.

Get cats out of trees… not really!


Drink & play cards

Cook and workout..

The vast majority of a Fire Department's time is spent un medical aid calls, Fire Prevention inspections and other community contacts.

Yes, typically whenever they are not on a call they are waiting in the firehouse. However, 80% of the calls that firefighters are dispatched to are medical emergencies (car accidents, general medical help, etc.), so they are a lot busier than people imagine.

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