What do you do when your brother hates you?

My brother, who is older by 8 years (i'm 30) has not really spoken to me in over a year even though we work in the same office. I dated a friend of his(after his friend asked permission, and I called him 2 x for which he chewed me out because he said he would return my call after dinner and I was interrupting it) despite his objections because his friend wasn't good enough (and he was right- for which I did admit to him) and now because I have not apologized properly, he is still not speaking to me. I was visiting his wife and children today and when he called her and she told him I was there, he made an apparantly mean comment about me that she wouldn't repeat. I think it was something that essentially meant "what the he double hockey stick is she doing there?" or something do that effect. She was saddened and I started to cry and then immediately left. I have written him letters to which he has not responded and I refuse to try to make up as he has not tried on his side. Please help.

why are you letting your brother run your life? A guy had to ask his permission to date you????

Sounds like he's very controlling and kind of mean. Start believing in yourself instead of him; get counselling if you can to help. And if he stays mad it's his problem, not yours.

Id Apoligize in person and get it over and done with, life is too short to hold a grudge

Give up on it. Act like you don't care. Then he may try to come to you. At least you still have your sister in law and their children and
they sound like good company. My brother who is 10 years older than me, hated me for years. When I used this method he came around.

you are not the Problem but your Brother,so Better Consult him and try to ask what's wrong with him why he do that to you………

your story confuses me…i'm not sure who did what and who was rght or wrong..but it sounds to me like i wouldnt worry about it…just ignore him..maybe find a new job..

afterall he is your brother. always thinks better for you. pls do not worry , he would come back to you …….may be a little bit upset on your behavior…..
dont worry such happens in family……..

Well brothers will… always fight lol. I have 3 of them, I know this for sure. But what happened here doesnt seem like much of a big deal (the arguement) if your brother cant see that, then dont let this drag out. Appologize sincerly, in person. I think that might help your brother get over it.

Hope this helps.

kill him with kindness

hey it'll be ok just talk to ur bro. tell him how u fill trust me i went through the same thing with 3 older brothers but u can get through it just tell hime how u feel!

(Brotherly Trouble)

My brother hates me for sure but lucky me I have 3 others he is 15 yrs older than me and I understand he has some experience but he judges me too much … go on w/ your life your 30 spend the rest of your life to the fullest don't drag behind your brother like he a Greek God I'm only 13 but I understand what up lol keep looking forward Cuz he has absolutely no say in ur life plus u have your sister in law and nieces/nephews to keep you company❤️????????xx

There are some things in life that we cannot change no matter how hard we try………..Your brother is enjoying the fact that he can upset you and treat you like this……….If you really want to get to his heart, spend lots of time with his kids (even when he is there) at his home…….Eventually the kids will ask him why he doesn't talk to you and either he'll make a BIGGER *** out of himself or he'll fess up………Take care and don't let him rule your life like that………

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