Can i shoot a deer on my own property out of season with or without a hunting lisence?


no you can not legally unless they r damaging property or a crop then u can check with parks n wildlife or game n fish comm

sure if you don't get caught.

License, and the answer is no, not legally.

Generally speaking, in the USofA, property owners do not own the fish and game on their property. So, there are laws that regulate what you may and may not shoot and what times of year you may shoot them, and how many you may shoot (the Fish & Game Laws).

Each state varies. Some states WILL allow you to hunt on your own land without purchasing a hunting license. But, only during the hunting season. Some states will also allow legitimate farmers to shoot animals out of season, if they show that the wild animals are eating their crops or disturbing their livestock.

But, to answer your question with 99% accuracy. No.

No. It's still called poaching.
Those deer are considered public property, and game laws apply,
even on your own land.

In my state you can if you are a farmer and have permission. My brother is not a farmer but shoots four to five a year that eat up his garden.

It's only legall when you know for sure that there is noone else around

it's mostly illigal because then the DNR will loose track of what deer is alive and what's not and they don't want people over hunting because if one person does it then everyone else wants to do it and before you know it there is no more deer and I'll have to go to Wal-mart to get meat and I don't want to do that.

Depends on where you life but here in my state I do not have to follow the season nor do I have to have a license.

I agree with the 1st answer

It doesn't matter if it is your property or not, you have to follow the same rules as everybody else. Although h sometimes they will let a farmer shoot nuisance animals, you have to go through the MNR and get special permission. There are different regulations for each province or state you live in so your best bet is to check with a local conservation officer or call the MNR.

It's only illegal if you get caught.

Absolutely not. Some states, however, allow farmers to shoot does out of season and beyond normal bag limits, but even these states require you to first apply for a special permit to do so.

Well, once again, people from the city trying to 'interpret the law' for the country folk. I live on 110 acres of farm and forest in Tn. I do not need a license to hunt (on my land). I do need to follow the seasons…most of the time. If my personal property ( crops, gardens, livestock etc.) is being damaged or attacked, I can kill the animal.. be it a dog, cat or deer. So , unless you are blatantly poaching you really have no worries . Not to mention, the nearest cop is a 30 min. drive and there are 1 or 2 to police one of the biggest counties in Tn. we don't worry about it. I will not kill deer in the spring or when they have babies.. because it's selfish and unethical. I do follow the seasons, but if I was hungry I wouldn't blink an eye to kill out of season.
So, you need to learn your state laws.

not legally

in ohio you have to do it during season only,with a can apply for a nuisance permit if they cause property damage in not sure about other states.

It probably depends on what state you live in, and if the deer are considered a nuisance to your property. In the state I live in, a farmer can shoot deer if they are destroying crops, but they are supposed to leave it. I know this sounds like a waste, but that's the rules.

Yes in Pa. if you qualify according to deriving the bulk of your income from Farming, you can harvest them for crop damages, if you own the land.*

I can shoot any one or anything on my own land..Word up to your mama!

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