Is there an official cure for Lung Cancer?

THere isnt an OFFICIAL cure for any type of cancer.

Todays test cant detect one single cancer cell. It can lay dormat for years, the revive. 20 years later, you have cancer again. You were never cured, only in remission.

Without the ability to detect a single cancer cell, no one with any sense of liability or medical sense will label any treatment as a cure

CANCER: On the news this guy who drank human breast milk (with a prescription) beat cancer. It was discovered by Swedish scientists found that human breast milks kills cancer in a petri dish by accident. People who drink it have had some success in fighting off cancer.

You need a prescription and it's about $3 an ounce at a breast milk bank, but it works.……

No, there is no cure for any type of cancer.

no there is no official cure for lung cancer or any cancer… but if caught early most cancers can be cured…usually by surgery!

In those terms…there is no "official" cure.
But there is cure for lung cancer. There are many types of lung cancer depending of the cell lineage. And depending on the type it will respond to treatment/cure. It also depends on the extension of the cancer if it is very small and has not spread you could just cut it out in its entirety…and voila! your cured. Unfortunately that is not always the case and if it has spread you cannot cut everything out and chemotherapy/radiotherapy are needed. This is a very complex question but to make it short: is there a cure: YES. but it depends on the type of lung cancer, size. and has it spread? Hope this helps.

There have been thousands of cases of lung cancer cured. It has involved surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
You need to do a web search to find the most current treatments.

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