Why does my car squeak, squeal when I turn it on and start to accelerate. Only in cold, abd begining?

It is your fan belt/timing belt/alternator. get them replaced and it should be fine. if this doesnt fish the problem you may need to replace the bearings in your wheels.

you need to replace ur serpentine belt.

Most certainly your fan belt is loose & needs tightening (they often do this) that's why they are Adjustable – depending on accessibility it should be easy. 'loosen' the two bolts on your Dynamo/Alternator (fan belt is attached to) and it should slide along a fixed slot – usually just a couple of cm's will do, and tighten, done. Temporarily you could throw a bit of 'Baby Powder' over the belt (helps it to grip) but this doesn't always work.
p.s. It's not as painful/damaging to the engine as it sounds so don't panic – in the end it will stop putting charge into your battery.

Check the car's carburator and the fual line to the engine.

the alternator belt needs to be tightened. it may just be an adjustment or it could be a bad belt tensioner depending on the car you have .have someone check the belt for looseness

your probably right about the belt.when a belt gets cold then it can squeal. maybe all it needs is to be tightened. if it goes away then it,s the belt.adjust it or replace it.

alternator belt slipping…..its not real cold there is it and not enough antifreze causing water pump to freeeze????? very inexpensive repair at car shop

You could also try applying some belt dressing, quick and simple! Good luck!

The squealing when turning is probably a belt. It may be loose, the tensioner may be worn, or the belt may just be worn out. It's possible some fluid was spilled on it when the power steering service was performed. New belts run around 30-$50 at a parts store, 70-$100 at a shop. As for the brakes, probably a separate issue. Pads are likely worn or contaminated with dust, rust, or other substances. A brake job should not cost any more on a car with ABS. Cost will vary widely depending on how much needs to be done. A cheap set of pads with resurfaced rotors might cost around $200 at a shop. Have a brake inspection performed. It should cost less than $50, and you should get a written estimate of what all needs replacing and the cost.

Its your belt, tensioner or possibly both. Easy depends on what type of car it is shouldn't be more than 200 or 300 dollars to fix depending on make and model and type of shop you take it too.

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