Should I pop my pilonidal cyst?


Go to a doctor, they will properly remove it. You don't want to pop it and then have it become infected.

I have this same thing in the same place – and they do tend to get very painful, especially when their hard. You should at some point go to the hospital. They will cut it open, drain it and put a wick into it. It's like a piece of white gauze that helps absorbs the stuff inside. You will eventually need surgery for this, I have had surgery twice and there is two small holes in my back that just won't heal. The best thing I find when I can't get to a hospital or when they come back numerous times a month is to take a face cloth and make it as hot as you possibly can, almost to the point of burning your skin, usually just run it under the faucet for a few minutes, and then take the facecloth and put it directly on top of the cyst, this will cause the cyst to not only reduce in size, but also to pop without you having to pop it yourself. If you take a pin and pop it, you could possibly cause an infection in your blood stream (and yes, I speak from expierence). What else you could do is take an extremely hot shower and put your back into it, then when you get out of the shower put a hot face cloth on your cyst, and after it pops put a piece of gauze over it and tape it down. It will drain what you didn't get out with the facecloth or shower.You may have to use the face cloth once or twice to get it to actually pop it depending on how sever the cyst is, and you also need to wash the face cloth almost immediately since your getting blood and pus and whatnot on it, and it stains almost immediately.

I know that was probably more information then you needed, but please do not pop it with a needle or something, use the hot water, an infection in your blood or blood poisoning is very painful.

Good luck to you. I know they can be incredibly painful sometimes and I also know that whenever I go to the hospital to have it lanced I swear I get the hottest doctor they have there – it's like karma or something. Go to the hospital for your toe and you get the hundred year old man who you can talk to about anything, go to get your *** lanced and you get the just out of college man who smells so good you can't focus on his questions. LOL.

Good luck to you though – everything will be okay eventually.

I don't know how you "popped" a pylonidal cyst, because they are on the tailbone, but if you did, it will just come back over and over, and possibly get infected from you popping it. Are you sure you don't have a sebaceous cyst, somewhere other than your tailbone? Either one needs a doctors intervention and removal. Both kinds have a "core" that must be removed, for it to clear up. Also, it will need to be packed, so that it can heal from the inside out, changing packing daily. Otherwise, if just a hole is left where it was, it will fill up again. Also, popping means squeezing, which spreads the contents further into your body-NOT GOOD-see your doctor soon. You will need a referral to a surgeon for the best care and removal.

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Owww! Get some Witch Hazel at the drug store and use that to clean the area! It's very soothing. Yikes – I hope you'll be OK. Not sure what a doctor would do – tell you to get some Witch Hazel, maybe. I get large vitamin A pills – 25,000 IU's – at the vitamin store – and if I have any skin problem, I might take a couple of those – but I also cut then open and squish the oil right into the wound – or put the oil on a bandage and put it over the wound. Skin loves vitamin A. The oil is probably fish-liver oil. Good luck with that!

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Should I pop my pilonidal cyst?
My cyst on my tailbone (top of butt crack) popped when I sat down on it very hard in early September, and it just recently came back and is filling up again. Is it a good idea to take something sharp and pop it to drain it out? I know it won't drain out unless I do it usually, so is this a good…

Cyst On Tailbone

Pilonidal Cyst Pop

If it keeps coming back popping it would only make it more visible each time it comes back. It could even become larger each time it comes back. See a doctor.

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