What size clothing do women usually wear at 200 pounds?

My fiance wore a 16-18 in pants and a large to x-Large depending on the cut and she is large chested, so depending on that you could probably get away with a medium to large depending on the way it is made on average. She is also only about 5'.

size 18

Probably a size 18 to 20 women's. Depends on where your weight is destributed on your body. I'm 5"5" and I wear these sizes. Also, depends on how the clothes are made. I think jeans with elastic waist bands in these sizes are made big legged, where as the zip up hugger jeans are more fitted. Good luck and hope you reach your goal.

about a size 14

You'd have to get an agent first. And it's good if you have some modeling classes too. Expirence, expirence. All in a days work. =]

when i weighed 200 lbs (i was probably 5'7'' ot 5'5'') I wore about a size 18 to 16. somewhere in there.


I am 5'7" and I weigh 205 and i wear a size 10 or 12 depending on the cut. Everyone is different , I have a friend who weighs 170 and wears bigger clothes than me.

Size 14 blouse and size 14 to16 in slacks. Sweatshirts would be large to extra-large–depending on how roomy you like them.

well I guess you will not loose any of your height but weight you will I bet you will fit in size 5

When I weighed 162 I was in a size 13/14. So I am guessing around a size 17/18? I'm 5'6.

i just had a baby i am 200 pounds and 5 foot 6 and i wear a 14 but everyone's body is different. everyone's fat is spread out differently.. hope this helps a tad tho

one that fits

I'm 5"10 and I weigh 250 pounds. Can someone tell me what size clothes is that.

I'm 5'6'', and weigh about 204 lbs. I wear a size 16 in womens. However, when I gained all my weight after highschool it all seemed to go straight to my butt; so I have to buy larger pants to fit my hug rear in them. A coworker of mine who weighs a little more than I, has like no butt, and fits into a size 12. So it really depends on your overall body type.

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