On Batman AA – "Is this bear the Bane of his life?" riddle?

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Yeah, I agree. I don't consider it a superhero film, I consider it a crime film. Tell me The Dark Knight isn't an improved and more entertaining version of 'Heat'? It just uses High-Tech weapons, and obviously adds Nolan's touch. I'm really loving these films lately – The Dark Knight is in my top five and Batman Begins is in my top twenty. BQ: Oh man, I can't wait. It's going to be amazing. I hope this is the best in the trilogy. Nolan is on FIRE.

It's in the office that you enter just before the "sneak up on Harley" sequence to rescue the commish. The item you are looking for is Bane's Teddy Bear and it is on a desk to the left of the room as you enter.

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On Batman AA – "Is this bear the Bane of his life?" riddle?
I made it to the point were Harley has the commissioner at gun point and I can not find this bear of Bane…I understand The riddle – Bane means little bear in spanish so where is this "little bear" at.

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