How long does it take beer to freeze?

JUST long enough that you forget it and then have to spend a week chipping glass and beer ice out of your freezer.

lol, y'all are funny. Alcohol CAN freeze, but it takes a lower temperature than water. it also depends on if it is a sealed container or not (like a bottle.) If it is in a bottle, something cool to try out is to freeze it, and then open it over your sink. The drink IS frozen, but when you release the pressure (by opening it) the sudden action of the carbonation mixed with the alcohol, turns your beer-sicle into a Beer slushie. Enjoy. (as for how long it takes, I don't know. =P)

Most I my men drink beer before sex, lots of it and they pass out leaving the beer in the fridge.

can it freeze?

i would say an hour……………… i have left beer int eh freezer for an hour and brought it out and it was frozen

shouldn't freeze

alcohol has a lower freezing point than water, its not a time thing, its a temp thing.

Here is a funny thing that I happen to see with freezing beer….

A grocery store beer cooler got a bit two cold, cold enough to freeze 5.0% beer. But here is the thing about water and freezing. It expands 11% when it turns to ice. This is why ice cubes float and beer cans and bottles explode when it freezes. So lowering the temp causes it to expand as little bits freeze. Well I saw this bottle of Coors that exploded and the beer froze instantly, freezing the exploding beer into what turned out to be a rather cool looking flower of frozen beer with the neck of the bottle hovering about 2 inches above where it was supposed to be.

So how long does it take? Not very long. If it is under pressure and brought to a low enough temp, it will freeze instantly when that pressure is released. The Temp it needs to go down to varies depending on the alcohol content. Non-alcoholic beer freezes about 31 degrees, because there still is a small amount of alcohol in it. Stronger beers require lower temps. I would imagine unfiltered beers, like some hefewiessens, freeze differently as well because water crystals form more readily when they have impurities to anchor to, but that is just a guess.

Thanks for the question. It brought back an fun little memory.

90 minutes to make a bottle of soda into a Slushie but 110 minutes to make a bottle of beer into a slushie (of course it makes the beer flat)

Depends on the temperature, fer Gawd's sake !!

It most certainly CAN freeze, and it CAN explode! Depends on the temp of the freezer as far as time, but I'm with the person above me….beer slushies are the best!!!

the person who answered your question is a retard!!!
beer freezes pretty quick. ive made the mistake of forgetting a can
or two in the freezer and it explodes.

It can't acohol can not freeze!

Depends on the coldness of the freezer, slick

if the can is hot about 3 hours and 30 minutes!

Unlike hard alcohol, Wine and Beer are mostly water and can most certainly freeze. It takes a tad bit longer than water because of the alcohol content but it will freeze.

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