How many bundles of roofing shingles make a square?

Both above answers are correct. There are either 3 OR 4 bundles per square, depending on the type of shingle and the manufacturer. Generally, three tab or jets are 3 to the square, architectural are 4 per.

i would have answered 3 , so thanks for clearing that up for me guys…dumb bricklayer here…

25 and 30 year shingles are 3 bundles to a square while 40 and some 50 year shingles are 4 to a square. Some 50 year shingles are 5 to a square.


3 to a square!!



3 bundles to a square

Both of the above answers are correct. Shingles come in different weights so it depends on the style of shingles you choose.

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4 bundles


I do not know anythang about fancy designer shingles but the plain Jane variety of shingles that have been around fer years are 3 bundles to the square. A square is 100 square feet or a 10 by 10 section of the roof. Lets say your roof is 20 by 30= 600 square feet so you would need approximately 6 squares plus 1 bundle for the starter strip so to be safe you would need around 19 bundles.

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