How many strands of icicle lights can I plug together without blowing a fuse? I only need 4, is that to many?

You should be fine, we hung ours up this weekend and did 4 strands together & haven't had any problems.

If you use the new LED lites you'll be OK.

There usually is a warning on the lights "do not string more than 3 sets together" or similar. I have done 4 and nothing has burned down yet

Depends on what kind of lights you have. If they're the little plug-in kind of mini lights then they are generally in strands of 50 lights. Cutting a strand of mini lights shorter than 50 is a bad idea because they are wired in series and it'll increase the current in the strand; seriously decreasing bulb life. Splicing 10 more lights onto a 50-light strand would work, but the bulbs will be noticeably less bright. Yes, a resistor will work but it'll get hot. And besides – minilights are cheap. Why dink around with customizing a string of lights that costs you less than $10? My suggested answer is to lay hands on strings of lights that use screw-in bulbs. The bulbs are all in parallel so the string can be be any length (up to the current limit of the wire). Make up strings that are just the right length for your windows and off you go. You can reuse them for years and years, just change bulbs when they burn out.

2 is safe 3 is pushing it, and will probably work at first and go out later.

a fuse is usually 15amps. one strand is about 1.5 amps max so you should be able to hook up 15 strands to one fuse. provided that nothing else was on the fuse. most appliances take 1 to 3 amps so you are ussually safe from blowing fuses.
note: that defferent parts of the country have defferent amps for the same appliances.

hope this helps

You should be fine–in the past I've strung up to 7 strands together and I've never had a problem

Four will be fine. I've done four before.

No problem go for it….. make ur house look perdy.. 🙂

No I think it's fine long as it's not over 5 good luck!

that should be fine, it takes us that many strands for our tree lights and we've never had a problem.

naw you should be fine we have six and havent blown a fuse…lol yet but dont push it i would say no more than six……each strand should be no more than a hundred foot long……hope i could help

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