Converting g/cm3 to lb/ft3?

So I have surfed and surfed the net and read and read through my chem and physics books and there is no clear conversion factor for g/cm3 > lb/ft3.

Everytime I try to do the conversion I get different numbers. Its driving me CRAZY!!!!
If someone could clearly write out the conversion factor for me that would be awesome.

I'm also trying to find the mols of PbS in 1.00ft3 with a given density of 7.46 g/cm3. I know how to find the mols of the compound would I just find the mols of PbS and multiply it by the converted 7.46 g/cm3 > lb/ft3? Maybe I'm wrong but if someone knows that answer too, it would be greatly appreciated.

G Cm3 To Lb Ft3

if you're trying to find the moles of a particular substance, it's best to just figure out the amount of PbS in grams rather than pounds.

1 ft3 = 28316.846592 cm3 (yes it is a MASSIVE number)

multiply this with the density of 7.46 g/cm3…….you'll get the total grams of PbS

then to figure out the moles, you simply divide the number you get above with the mass of PbS which is 239.26 grams.which is the answer!

but if you're curious the conversion of g/cm3 > lb/ft3 is as follows

(g/cm3) x (1cm3/3.531×10^-5 ft3) x (0.0022 lbs/1 gram)

note how the grams cancel out and so do the cm3's. and you're left with lbs/ft3

g = lb /454
cm^3 = ft^3/ (30.5)^3
–> g/cm^3 = ( lb /454 )* (30.5^3 / ft3)
= 62.49 lb/ ft^3 (use this result as default)

Ex: 19.3 g/cm^3
= 19.3 * 62.49 lb/ft^3
= 1206.15 lb/ft^3

d = 7.46 g/ cm3 = 7460 g/ L
Molarity PbS : 7460 / 239 = 31.21 M
=> Mole of PbS is 32.21 * 28.4 = 913.9 mol

g/cm^3 to lb/ft^3:

(1 grams/cm^3) * (1 lb / 453.6 grams) * (1 cm^3 / 3.531*10^-5 ft^3) = 62.5 lb/ft^3 is the answer.

Other question:

density = mass / volume
7.46 grams/cm^3 = mass / 1.00 ft^3
7.46 grams/cm^3 = mass / 28317 cm^3
mass = 211245 grams PbS

moles PbS = (211245 grams PbS) * (1 mol PbS / 239.3 grams PbS) = 882.76 mol PbS is the answer.

Cc To Ft3

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