What does the k in kmart actually stand for?



Krap Mart! gosh i hate that store, everything SUCKS!!!

once i was shopping for a birthday present for my mother and i took a look at this shirt, i picked it up and a freakin **** roach drop out of it!!!……NEVER again will i shop there!

Yeah, stands for "Kresge", the family line actually still exists where I live in PA.

I can't believe I actually looked it up lol, but The "K" in "K-Mart" comes from the company's founder, Sebastian Spering Kresge, who opened his first store in 1899.

wow, i never thought about that so i wouldnt know.

Kick in the nuts.

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Hmmm, that's a good question! My guess is………..Kleptomaniac. Cmon', hasn't everyone stolen something from Kmart as a teenager? Or at least thought about it? Yep, Klepto-Mart.

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