How much does a Queen bed normally cost?

Mine, 1 year ago, mattress and box was $600, new pillowtop. Think I'd pay more for the next one and hopefully sleep better, personally I'd wait for a $1400 set to go on sale (they often do) and try not to pay much more than $1000. Most, maybe $4000, average 1-2 thousand.

Best queen bed prices:

I am guessing you mean the queen mattress? I got my mattress and box springs for 1200.00. But I have friends who have gotten mattresses from Craigslist for free. I think it depends on what you want. There are sleep number mattresses which are surprisingly affordable then there are memory foam, pillow top, etc. Best to decide what you want first, then worry about price.

they go from 400 to 4000. I recently bought an expensive bed (for me, that is) approx. 1600 dollars for box and mattress.It was hard for us to spend that kind of money and I wanted to chicken out and go cheaper. My wife stood firm and convinced me it would be worth it. Best thing I"ve ever done. When it comes to mattresses I have learned the hard way; spend just a little more than you thought you would. It is way worth it.

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