What are the benefits of walking on the balls of your feet?

plantarflexion, work those calves!

There are several advantages to walking on the balls of your feet. First of all a quick anatomy lesson: Your foot is made up of several bones (Calcaneus, Cuboid, Cuneiforms, Navicular, Talus, Metatarsals, and Proximal, Middle, and Distal Phalanges). Your Tibia and Fibula (the two major bones in the lower half of your leg) are centered over your heel (Calcaneus and Talus). When your heel hits the ground the force is sent back up, directly through your heel, leg, and back. When you walk on the ball of your foot the other bones, ligaments, and tendons in your foot have a chance to act as "cushions" or "shock-absorbers". Plus, generally speaking, when a person walks on the balls fo their feet, they have have their knees slightly bent when also contributes to the cushioning effect. Walking on the balls of your feet has been advised to many people with back pain. Plus, as an added bonus, walking on the balls of your feet help strengthen the muscles on your foot as well as your Gastrocnemius (calves) muscles.

When you walk on your heels, you are walking on your skeleton, which wasn't made to take so much regular compression (especially the spine; it's no surprise so many of us have so many back problems, often at a young age). When you walk on the balls of your feet, your muscles, tendons, etc. do the work, which strengthens tissues while it relieves the spine.

I have been walking on the balls of my feet for a year and a half. No other health-related lifestyle change has come close to making such a fundamental difference. I have, or had, flat feet and had to wear inserts if I wanted to avoid severe foot pain, but I no longer use them–ever. In the past, I could never wear my favorite sandals for more than an hour without pain, but now I wear them all the time in summer (when I'm not wearing my barefoot shoes). Additionally, I have virtually none of the chronic heel pain I suffered from for decades.

It's true that it looks a bit funny at first when you switch to the balls of your feet, and it's probably a difficult (and maybe unnecessary) change to make if you don't walk much. Overcorrection and the fact that most shoes have significant heels makes one look like a woman wearing high heels or a wading bird, but this, too, shall pass. Getting barefoot shoes–essentially, expensive socks with durable yet flexible soles and no raised heel–is a good idea at some point, as it allows you to walk such that the balls touch down just a fraction of an inch earlier than the heels. This allows one to walk at pretty normal speeds, though walking on the heels is, I think, still faster.

In short, for people who walk a lot or do regular body work (such as floor exercises) and have been looking for a more dynamic form of personal physical therapy, this might be the ticket.

the cock on your feet will get much needed rest

If your an athlete your calf muscles become stronger making it easy for your jumping ablilty and balance to become better. do you play nay sports or physical ativity? your lower legs muscles will be stronger cuz i do it and most athletes do it if you dont have the special shoes

If you notice, when you walk on the balls of your feet your calves are working to hold you up. It strengthens the calf muscle

Benefits: bigger and stronger calf muscles.
Side effects: you walk funny and people will tease you.

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