Can I use my OBD2 scanner to scan my OBD1 car?

Not without an adapter I have a handheld I can use on both OBDI and OBDII


Obd1 Reader

So you can use a obd1 scanner with a obd2 connector?

No, because the VagCom is a (PC based, Generic scan interface, and is not of a supported protocol by the OBDI (low speed) serial data. You did not provide the OBDI vehicle information or I could tell you the procedure for how to "Flash-out" the codes with the CEL (check engine light)!

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I bought this Verus in May of last year and am NOT happy at all with it's tendency to Change vehicle selection in the middle of diagnosing a vehicle! (For $8800 I would think it would perform better than it does)

Ob2 Scanner

So you have one of the few 1995 GM products that have that odd combination? IT was the F bodies wasnt it? You need an OBD1 scanner with an adapter. If you just want to see the codes you just need to jump 2 pins and the CEL will flash and tell you the codes.

my snap-on-scanner has a big selection of connectors with it ,yes there is a connector but it also depends on what comuter you have.

This Site Might Help You.

Can I use my OBD2 scanner to scan my OBD1 car?
I've been reading about an adapter that might make it possible called a Vag-com…but I wasn't sure. My car has a 16-pin (obd2) connector, but a OBD1 computer system, so my dad's OBD2 scanner can't pick up the codes. Is there an adapter that will make this possible?

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