How to say"I love you" in Polish?

Ja Cie Kocham or Kocham Cie (Pronounced Yacha kocham)

how to say"I love you" in Polish?
For a lover "not for a mom or dad"

thanks alot…

I Love You In Polish

kocham Cię

kocham -> co-hum (read H like H in Hamster 😀 and U like U in Up)
cię-> 'ci' is like soft 'ch' hm like in 'ch'eerleader, 'e' read like 'e' in 'entertainment'

no matter who u talk to its always kocham cię =)

with flowers, dinner , and a show…

As far as I know it's "Kocham cie."

For the best answers, search on this site

Yep, and white out, glue, permanent markers, etc.

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