What characteristics do all eukaryotic cells have in common?

All Eukaryotic Cells Have

nucleus, endomembrane system …. etc.

read your textbook, it's not a difficult question at all

They all hold prisoners?
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Eukaryotic cellscellscells are a sort of telephone greater suitable puzzling than their opposite numbers, prokaryotes. Prokaryotes comprise the simplistic bacteria and archaea, on the comparable time eukaryoticeukaryoticeukaryotic cellscellscells make up all fungi, animals, flowers, and protists akin to amoeba. We human beings are Eukaryotic as sturdy. Eukaryotic cells are characterized via way of interior membranes and a powerful cytoskeleton. A cytoskeleton is a framework of proteins, akin to actin and keratin, which help guard a telephone at the same time and differentiate its organelles

Eukaryotic cells have a membrane-enclosed nucleus and other membrane-enclosed organelles.

Eukaryotic cells make up all organisms except bacteria and archaea

membrane-bound organelles. A nucleus, in particular.

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