Farm worker, factory worker. whats the difference back then?

i don't think of there is an undemanding answer to this question. some have extra compassion for animals than others. this form of lot of human beings do not even understand animals have emotions, or do basically not think of it concerns by using fact they 'have been positioned right here for us*.' i could not consume meat for 2 years after ending up my geology mapping container camp** on Virginia rooster farms. yet out of 20+ human beings in camp, i became into the only one affected so deeply. Now i purchase the terrific i will locate for therapy, harmones and anitbiotics.

You might be better asking this in the "History" section…

No references – just general knowledge gathered throughout the years.

Farm – working outside for little or no pay (depending if you lived on it, or got paid in food), at the mercy of the elements (frost? drought?)
Factory – working inside in HORRIBLE conditions, usually little pay but sometimes decent, major health problems usually resulted (maybe abuse in some cases)

Could be extremely dangerous dealing with the machinery, LONG hours (literally "all work and no play") and little sleep

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