The biggest disrupter of Native American life was?

C., which the Europeans brought, by the way.



F, for sure. None of the things on that list happened without European invasion (and this is not sarcasm).

White people?

C. The Europeans brought over disease to Native America, and the indians were decimated.

But I do not think that the europeans did it purposely, they didn't know about it.

I'm going to have to vote F as well. Europeans were the biggest disruptor to Native way of life. Had they stayed home, there would be no need to ask this question.

F. Europeans. the diseases didn't cross the ocean by themselves.

ETA: i just want to point out that although i know this is probably a homework assignment, the agenda is clear. the intention is to instill in you, the student that europeans had nothing to do with the demise of indigenous people in north america…that it was all diseases. the implication is that europeans are not responsible for the deaths of millions of native people.

i'm curious to know what state you go to school in.

I believe B and C. The way the tribes lived was attuned to nature, they accepted gay members of the tribe, they hunted only enough for their needs and not for trophies and blood lust. Small pox and the other diseases which they had not built an immunity was damaging to the tribes. Also the introduction of alcohol which apparently most NAs have an allergy was decimating.

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