My debit card expired this month (April 2008) can I still use it at an ATM until my new one arrives??

I realized that I did use it on Thursday, which was already April, for a small amount, but I forgot it expired in April until I got a letter telling me my new one was being mailed out, do you think it was ok I used it during the month of April, it was at a gas station and they didn't say anything?? So, do you think can use it at an ATM until I get the new one?? Thanks

Relax, It's good until the end of April.

Yes you can used til the end of the month April 30th, but in a couple of days you should have your new one.

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An ATM Debit card that doesn't have a credit card logo on it (Visa, Mastercard, etc) on it will only work in the debit function. That means it will only debit money out of that checking account. You can use it at ATMs or at retailers where you can enter your PIN number. A Debit card that has a credit card logo on it can be run as either a debit card or a check card. Note, this is NOT a credit card. You cannot spend more than what is in your account with this card either. (With the exception of a limited source of overdraft protection funds – check with your bank.) You may use it at an ATM or at stores using your PIN or on the credit network which you would then sign for. The major differences are on the network that the card is run on. ATM only cards tend to run only on Shazam and Cirrus (and others similar to them) while Debit-Check cards can be run on those networks OR on the credit network that is pictured on your card.

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Til the end of the month..seems odd you haven't recvd the new one yet..usually people get the new one a couple weeks prior to the experation month.
Just for security may want to call the bank and ask when the new one was sent out.

Can an expired debit card with money can still be charged? I really need an answer.. Thanks

If it expires in April, you will be able to use it until the end of the month. You should have your new card by then….good luck 🙂

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