What is 3/7 as a decimal and a percent??? Also what is 120% as a fraction?

Just divide 7 by 3 to get the decimal, then you can round that to to decimal places and multiply by 100 to get the percent.

just put 120 over 100 and simplify: x percent is always equal to x/100

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3/7= 0.43 divide top by bottom
3/7=0.43=43% convert to decimal then multiply by 100 or u could set up a proportion: 3/7=x/100 it would always be your fraction equal to x/100 because u are trying to find % (x) which is always out of 100
120%=120/100=6/5=1 1/5 percents are always over 100 and then u reduce down to 6/5 by dividing each side by 20 and u get an improper fraction. u can convert that to a mixed # which gives u 1 1/5


Take 3 divide it by 7.
move decimal two places to the right

take 120 and put it over 100
reduce to

teachers are for that 🙂

What Is 3 7

To change 3/7 to a decimal, we first look at the denominator which is 7. From this we can say that 1/7 = .1428. So since we have 3/7, we take the 3 and multiply it by .1428 which is .4284 which is the decimal answer. Now to change it as a percent, get the decimal answer .4284 and multiply it by 100 which is just moving the decimal point to the right by two which becomes 42.84.

Percentages is out of 100, so 120/100 = 12/10 = 6/5.

Those are the answers, GOOD LUCK

3/7 as a decimal is .43 rounded to the nearest hundredth
as a percent is 43% get it?

120% = 12/10 = 6/5

so 120% as a fraction is either
a) 6/5
b)1 and 1/5

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