Where is hockey most popular?

it would seem obvious to say Hockey Town.

Hockey Town (Detroit)

MONTREAL kicks ***…but in the states i'd say detroit and any team in the east

Pecan Island Louisiana. Everybody in town waits for the bayou to freeze over and when it does they throw there sticks in a pile and sort teams. Everybody shows up for the game and the town grinds to a halt for the three day tournament.
Great grandma Beauregard is the referee and she runs a tight game. Second fight and you're fed to the gators.

Fer sure.

Mostly Canada and a select few cities in the U.S.

Canada, EH!! Everybody Loves the Leafs! (Or is that Loves to hate the leafs….Not Sure Ha Ha)


WE ARE THE TEAM OF 18,000!!!
and accurding to sports illustrated THE NEW HOCKEY TOWN!!!!
and….we have the biggest stick up north and the most arenas in a state!


Canada baby. Go Habs!!!!!

Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Canada is easy to know. But in the United States, The Northeast, Midwest, Colorado and believe it or not California.
Lest California is more popular than in most US places that I not mentioned.

College: Michigan vs Michigan State, Denver vs Colorado State.


Rangers vs Islanders
Detroit vs Colorado
Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia
Devils vs Rangers
San Jose vs Dallas

My guess would actually be Minnesota. Just because the North Stars are in Dallas doesn't mean that the sport isn't popular there. And there is a great rivalry between Minnesota and Wisconsin colleges.

sorry this isn't in the USA but my hometown Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

that's funny because detroit is self appointed as "hockeytown"

minnesota Aka: The State Of Hockey. this was given to us
the team of 18,000
we have a flag: http://cdn.nhl.com/wild/bc/images/fans/w…
we have a song/anthem: http://youtube.com/watch?v=sT4KQMrH67w

we're the only US state with a women's professional hockey team. name: minnesota whitecaps

go wild!!! 😉

#1…Hockey is most popular in Canada…in case you didn't notice…most NHL players are Canadian

#2… Although the Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling, they make up almost 50% of the NHL's revenue….if it wasnt for the fan support and size of the MLSE….the NHL would not exist.

#3… any city in the U.S. that calls themselves a "Hockey Town" is a joke! Pfffffff

Go Leafs!!!

Minnesota, ang Detroit are the biggest.

Probably Detroit and Minnesota.

Detroit aka HOCKEYTOWN!!!!!!!!

Back in the day, the rivalry was Detroit vs Colorado, but we haven't had a good bench clearing brawl in a few years now. Nowadays, I'd just say Detroit vs the Western Conference (not that it's a competition, it's just a rivalry).

College, I'd have to say Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Miami OH. Any 2 of those teams in the same building is bound to be a great game with plenty of emotion.

Minnesota is the state of Hockey, so that should say something. The High school state tournament finals is televised on regular t.v. for 4 days straight.
The WILD are a fun team to watch and doing pretty well this year.
For college, MN Gophers vs. N. Dakota Fighting Sioux is about the best match up. They fought in the last minutes of regulation, in overtime, and then when they were shaking hands. They hate each other and their both good teams.

She asked in the US, not Canada

I'd say the northern teams- Minnesota, Detroit, and Buffalo would be my top three

BC and BU has a big rivalry in college hockey.


Detroit and Wild games are the most popular

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