Where are the ionization nebulae predominantly located in the galaxy M51?

A)distributed evenly throughout the galaxy
B)within or on the edges of the spiral arms of the galaxy
C)in the central bulge of the galaxy
D)in the wide spaces between the spiral arms

I know its not D, I kind of think its C but I am not sure

Why are the ionization nebulae so bright?
A)They are the remains of stars that have died in supernova explosions.
B)They become very hot because of collisions with dust clouds.
C)They are always located very near a galaxy’s hot core.
D)They are regions where gas is ionized by hot, young stars

I am just not sure about this one

Question 1 is C. Because if you look at NASA index of galaxies it states it's level of ion type. Question 2 is D. Because a,c are wrong and b has nothing to do with brightness. It's D because when a star is at it first stage of being a star after the 8stage. It is at it's hottest and after that it slowly loses it's heat level.

D)They are regions where gas is ionized by hot, young stars

The gas in ionization nebulae is ionized by hot, young stars. That is why they are found in star-formation regions of the galaxy.

1: B
#2: D

B , D

the first question is B

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