Can I take a bath on my period?

You can take a bath.
You won't bleed because the water stops it from bleeding for some reason.
But, if you have any blood on you when you get in the water then that will come off of you and into the water.
If you want you can wear a tampon to make sure you don't bleed, but you don't have to.

your risk for contracting an infection is high during your period. this is why you shouldn't take a bath. make sure your tub is sanitized if you do.

u wont bleed in the tub. unlessz u force it out. its actually more sanitary to take a warm bath to wash out ur private properly… relax in a bath and then afterwards rinse in a shower. or just relax in the tub. you wont bleed like crazy… as a matter of fact it makes ur period end faster.

you can take a bath. the water generally stops your period, until you get out of the water…

yes you can, nothing will happen at all, maybe a little blood will come out but not much at all, just like you can go in hottubs when your on your period too because the hot water stops it:) hope i helped hun!

i suggest its better to take a shower and a lot more cleaner.

Blood does not come out…it will actually "stop" until you get out
But the best time to take a bath is on your kills the cramps

no blood does not come out at all when u are in water ( pools, tub ) 🙂

Yes you can take a bath. You wont bleed. the whole tub of water wont turn red! i promisee

NO, nothing will happen.

you can but i suggest a shower

Nah! You can DEFINANTLY take a bath. If anything, it will make you feel way better! There may be some blood, but DEFINANTLY not enough to turn the water bright red! lol If you are worried about it, put in a tampon. Problem solved. Good luck girl! :o)

Nope. Your period literally stands still. I've never had to wear tampons in the tub nor in the pools. I've never had the period immediately upon getting out of the water. Something about equilibrium.

You do not bleed your period in water.

The total volume of an average woman's menstruation blood is no more than a few ounces. Even if you bled all of into the tub a once it wouldn't do anything.

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