Is it possible to sleep for 24 hours straight?

he may have woke up to pee or get drink a glass of water, or maybe he was in a coma and thought he was sleeping

Yes, it is possible. No, I haven't. The most I have slept at 1 time was 17 hours, but I had been up for the past 3 days before that.

24 Hour Sleep

I just slept 24 hours for the first time in my life and was looking up for side effects and came across this question. Fell asleep 3PM last night and woke up just now 2:51PM. I've done consecutive days before where i get too much sleep 12+ hours but never this long. Im STILL tired. I think this is due to not wanting to wake up from being depressed and going back to sleep not wanting to be awake and building up that pattern.

This sounds reputable:

Individuals with the "non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome" do not have internal clocks that reset and stay balanced within a 24 hour schedule. In most cases, their circadian rhythms are set on longer loops, usually resulting in 25 or 26 hour cycles, or even more in some cases. There have documented cases of people having as dramatic as 72 hour cycles, in which they would stay awake for 48 straight hours, and then sleep for 24 straight hours as a regular sleeping pattern. There are only a few known dramatic cases such as that though, and most cases fall within the 25 or 26 hour range.

that's called passing out or a coma

I'm awake for 24 to 36 hours at a time regularly. I sleep anywhere from 14 to 24 hours – straight. don't get up to pee or if I do I must do it sleepwalking which is not unnatural for me as according to the girls I've met, they tell me that I talk in my sleep to them sometimes with my eyes wide open and I walk around but upon waking I have no memory of this. I think I fell into this habit having a paper route in the early am and also a night job so my sleeping schedule was non existent. I'd sleep anytime I could day or night. Also, I'm on lots of meds which makes me want to sleep more than I should I guess.


that's too impossible, he would have gotten a headache due to the fact that his stomach is not full and he's a liar

Everyone here is an idiot and incorrect or very vague. you see sleep is like a bank, since he has 3 hours the previous nights, that would be a extra 15 hours of sleep and plus the 8 normal hours of sleep a human normally will have that's 23 hours of sleep and sleeping in a extra hour or exaggerating about a extra hour is normal as well. Maybe most people did not know this 5 years ago but for people who are passing by for answers there you go.

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