How late is too late to call?

My husband and I disagree on this, please help. What is the latest acceptable time to receive/make call? I think 9 p.m. is the latest, he thinks 10 p.m. is acceptable. We have 3 small children–that are all in bed by 8:30 p.m. My parents never allowed my brother and me to make or receive calls past 9 p.m. (as teenagers). That only seems appropriate, what do you think?

The answers above, I guess, assume that all live in the same State! But so many people have families O/seas and Inter-State. For example its 8pm in Perth, WA, in Adelaide its 2 hours after mid-night, and in Sydney its later still. In the Uk, its earlier around Noon. With those time frames in question I consider when you aren't used to getting calls after 8pm that 8pm be the latest unless in an Emergency. In short, be considerate!

my family was raised with a 9 PM rule and my children who are grown now go by it as well! Some people go to bed early and/or like you said, have small children who go to bed early. 9 is plenty late enough – unless it's an emergency, wait until tomorrow.

In my opinion for teenagers it would be an average time of 9-9.30pm. Some parents put their kids to bed earlier or later than others and it depends on their opinion on late phone calls, these days some parents don't care while others find it unacceptable. Also, on the weekends bedtimes can differ from weeknights (school nights). I think 9.30pm would be a good compromise.

I grew up saying you never call anyone past 10pm on weekends and 9pm during the week. But then I was a teenager…. i call my friend past 9 and she has small children that is usually the only time she can talk, usually though I call her around dinner time and she calls me when the kids are in bed.
I guess it just depends on the schedule people keep too… my sister-in-law works the overnight shift and so calling her at 10 is a good time to call her….

ohhh my gosh!! I had this same problem ok we decided on nine p.m because my brother when i was little he would stay up 'till like 3 a.m and then not be able to do anything active so thats why me and my wife picked 9 p.m

I think for adults it is 9 pm, I would never call later than that unless it was Really important.
For kids, if they go to bed at 8:30, then I would say 8 pm for them.

I'm 15 and my parents agree that 10pm is far too late, unless for emergencies! Perhaps up to 9:30pm, but then that phone call can't last past 10. Phone calls could last till 10, but shouldn't start past 9:30.
That's what I think anyway haha, probably not helpful!

I never call anyone after 9pm so i agree with you 10 just seems to late =)

If the call is predicted (as in in case you tell the guy 'i will call you this night') then 10 is excellent. yet while that is a random call then till now 9 is excellent. You'e have been given to think of approximately the different individual. What in the event that they're sound asleep? What in the event that they're bathing? What in the event that they're eating? What in the event that they're extremely old (or extremely youthful)? previous due at night all of us is fascinated in relaxing. and the standard public hate it while they're chilling of their chair and then the telephone jewelry. you could desire to capture human beings early, till now they start to kick off their shoes. And till now they start to have dinner. Now it extremely is once you definitely call the guy. that is alright to talk to a individual previous a prior due hour. so which you will call somebody at 8:30 and consult with them til midnight in the event that they're interest. yet pay interest to what yet another man or woman 'could desire to' be doing at that hour and weigh how significant the call extremely is. Early night is excellent (till now dinner).

I think this is something that you have to decide on between the two of you. Every home is different and depends on the individual schedules that you lead.
For instance, in my home I am usually up until at least 11pm so if someone in my family wanted to call me they know that I am up that late and it is OK, I simply take the phone out of the bedroom where the hubby is sleeping so it doesn't disturb him, and the kids don't hear it anyway since the doors are closed.
His fathers and step-mom however are both in bed by 7:30 every night, so we all know that it is too late to call after 7 at their house.
The point I am trying to make is, it all depends on "your" home. If the phone is going to disturb the kids, then I would say no calls after 8:30. If it doesn't and it is a case of who should win the battle….compromise and say 9:30. Meet each other half way and you both will be happy.

It depends on who the call is from. But generally, if you are not expecting any calls after 9:00-10:00pm, then it's too late to call after that. Maybe a compromise is due here. Say instead of 10:00pm, how about 9:30pm?


If they are family, 10 is okay. If they are casual acquaintances, 8:30 – 9 is the latest I call. That said, I don't have young children in my home – I can see why it would be upsetting for them to be woken by the telephone.

As a general guideline, I would say 9, it's not too late for most people.
It really depends on who you're calling though. I know people who would have no problem with calls after 11, and others who probably would be pissed with calls at 9.

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