Why are door locks so high on doors in the U.K.?

I' could be to stop children opening them.

ye it's because we have letterboxes on
our doors in the uk,so it's to stop someone putting
thier hand through it and unlocking the door.

Letter box slots in the doors can provide access to burglars who could reach a lock located near the latch. In the US and Canada, I would guess that it is common practice to have post delivered to an outside mailbox, so the front door does not have a letterbox opening, restricting burglars access.

Putting the lock out of reach just makes sense in the UK.

Well then – that's strange – I live in the uk and all my locks are just below the door handle and so are my neighbours locks.

In my last house my door lock appeared to be high cos I had a couple of steps leading up to the house so when I was stood on the bottom step my door lock would appear to be at shoulder height but if I stood on the top step then the lock was just above the door handle. So does that mean everybody has steps or are my doors and my neighbours just different cos I live in the North West?? ha ha

because of the letter box!

Our doors are the same in Ireland, Whats your problem!?! lol! Its to stop burglars unlocking the door.

One reason is to stop short arsed Burglars,
another is the fact that we have letter boxes for our papers
and the mail.and the locks are up high so intruders cant reach

child safety and makes door harder to break open [security].

to stop kids getting out and to stop people putting there hands through the letter box and opening it


One for ease and two to stop children from wandering off.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean, but I have to add that it usually applies to houses from the 10, 20 and 30's, they're even the same inside, just a fashion.

In modern houses happens usually where the top half of the door has glass, hence being the weakest part of the door structure and easier to break in. A bolt/lock there makes it more difficult for a burglar to get in.

Just basic security most traditonal british homes have a 5 lever lock incorperated in with the door handle 1000mm from floor (point of strength) and an additonal yale lock 1600mm – 1700mm from the floor.

The idea is that two secure fixings are better than one, makes it harder for them to get a crowbar in and get the leverage they need to bust the door open

so that kids can't reach to escape!

I know what you mean, there are some that are high that I've seen on films but every house I've ever been in are waist-height.

A guess: To keep children from unlocking the door for strangers.

I'm a childminder and by some health and safety rule you need to have locks on all doors you don't want children to enter or leave without your permission.

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