How do you respond to "este fin de semana, que vas a hacer?" in spanish?

basicly what are you going to do this weekend. and you could say "Me voy al cine, o colgando a cabo con amigos" I am going to the movies or hanging out with friends"

Yes that is what it means.
You could say that you are going to a party.
Este fin de semana voy a ir a una fiesta.

You could say:

"Este fin de semana, voy a ______________."

In the blank put verbs!

nadar en la piscina – swim in the lake

besar a mi novia – kiss my girlfriend

caminar al perro – walk the dog

Anything you want 🙂

Buena suerte!

Este fin de semana me voy de compras, me voy a comprar regalos de Navidad.

This week end I'll go shopping, I'll go to buy Christmas presents.

Im going to the beach this weekend

Voy cuilliar basta que wl marito es disparacido y pues tomo cerveza basta voy convulsarme !

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