What does it mean to purse your lips?

yes, it's kind of like putting your lips together for a kiss.

yeah it means to pucker – kind of like stick out your lips like you would for a kiss on the cheek.

Have never thought about it that way

ya basicly..its like when you just push out your lips..its a little less than a pucker

Pursing Lips

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

Its not quite a pucker. Its your jaw clenched, lips tightly smooshed together. I imagine its the expression I make when trying REALLY hard not to say rude things to people who make me angry. I've not made that face in the mirror though LOL

yeah i think pucker

its like to prepare to kiss. its like more like a facial expression.

purse your lips can be interpreted in 2 ways, one is to pucker, the other is to thin your lips almost in a formidable line to show your displeasure.

Dictionary meaning for Purse: pursed, purs·ing, purs·es
To gather or contract (the lips or brow) into wrinkles or folds; pucker.

Everyone who said it was pucker, is not right. And everyone else is right.

it's almost like a pucker, but not so 'kissy' the bottom lip sticks out and the top lip puckers a bit – very sassy and defiant, a lot of times slightly angry or vexed

you know how girl's make those puckered lips in photos most of the time?? yeah..that's what it is.

To pucker your lips like a kiss. =]

like what jennie garth did all throughout dancing with the stars last fall. it is sort of like a pucker to kiss, but is more tensed and to me more angry or annoyed looking.

uh-uh… to pucker..

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