Netflix says "Too many people are using your account right now"?

I've only ever used Netflix on my Xbox360. I don't use it on my PC, or my laptop, or a phone, or any other device whatsoever.

So why is it that I can no longer watch things on my Xbox360 because "Too many people are using your account right now"?

Do you think someone has stolen my Netflix? How do I change that?

Had that happen to me once someone hacked mine.

It's possible. Go to Netflix, then your Account. Select Sign Out Of All Devices, then change your password. That will kick anyone else off and keep them from getting back in unless the problem is that the computer you're using has been compromised.

FAKE my account's being accessed from BOTH Pennsylvania and The seattle area at the same time for over a year, nothing has happened

Someone's got your password buddy. Try clicking the little "need help signing in?" link when you go to sign in. It will take you through the process of changing your password and you can get it sorted. Good Luck.

It's happening to mine right now, and I just opened my account last week. No one knows my password and no one else uses it but me. I even check history, and sure enough it's every show I have watched. to me it sounds very sketchy.

That happened to me ! call netflix company and tell them , they will ask u questions and then give u ur account

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