Do you wear a bra under a bralet?

I see most people wear a bra under a bralet or almost a crop top that looks a bralet. I was just wondering because I have a black caged bralet from Brandy Melvile and I was wondering if you could wear a bra under it. Heres an example:

Like these one, do you wear a bra under a bralet?

I just want most of the opinions. Thank you! 🙂

When I wear these, I wear a bra too, otherwise my boobs don't feel totally supported:)

Depends if you feel like you need support, being small i usually do not.

These type of tops are desgined to be worn without a bra.
If you feel more comfortable with a bra on, then wear one, but it ruins the look if it's visible.

Caged Bralet

Some flatter girls dont. If you need the support, you wear a strapless bra.

Happy bra days!

No. They were designed to be wore without a bra.

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