What does ?Cuantos anos tienes? mean in Spanish.?

Cuanto anos tienes= How old are you?

Eres de + country= You are from __ country

Tengo # anos= I am ___ years old

cuantos anos tienes- how old are you
eres de- im from/ are from
tengo # ano- im # years

Cuantos anos tienes means "How old are you"

?Cuanto anos tienes? means-How old are you?

It literally means " how many years do you have" but in english means how old are you.
Eres de… means what country are you from
tengo # anos means I have _ years or I am _ old
Hope that helped

"How old are you"

You are from (country)

I have # years ( I am # years)

Cuantos años tienes?= How old are you ?

Eres de + ? = Are you from +?

Tengo # años = I am #

Spanish: ¿Cuantos años tiene? English: How old are you?

How old are you 😛 Hope I helped :l

Cuantos anos tienes?….how old are you?
Eres de x country?….Are you from x?
Tengo x anos….I'm x years old.

Literally it translates to: How many years do you have?

But it means, How old are you, and you respond "I have (Tengo ) # anos (years).


Cuantos anos tienes = How old are you

Eres de ____ = Are you from _____

Tengo __ anos = I am __ years old.
Or literally "I have __ years."

"How old are you?"

(lit. — "how many years do you have?" It's the same in all romance languages.)

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How old are you?
I am # years old

cuantos anos tienes: how old are you?
Eres de … country: Are you from …… (country)
tengo…. anos: I am … years old

It means "How old are you?". But be careful of the spelling of 'año' , cause if you spell it without the pronunciation symbol, it means something totally, erm, different. And "Tengo # años" means "I am # years old".

"Eres de + country" means You are from (or 'of') 'country' .

Hopefully that's all right!

God bless you!


Eres de (México)? means…… Are you from (Mexico)?

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