How do you get RAW ONION smell off your hands?

wash them with dishwashing liquid, if it doesn't work use lemon juice and water.

hmmm….if i remember rightly…you wash your hands while rolling a spoon between them ….i think its a stainless steel spoon….its what my mum always does and it always seems to work…..

rub your hands in tuna fish

Use a fresh Lemon or Lemon Juice!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wet your hands and rub it on the kitchen faucet.

Shake salt on your hands rub together and rinse.

wipe you @$$ with them and that should cover it up nicely.

Soak them in water for awhile, then wash very well with soap, a few times, and maybe apply some sort of scented hand cream? Then maybe wash that off with soap!! By then, the smell should be long gone!

Why do you try smelling them???

lemon, soap and warm water!

Wash them!

cut a lemon in half and rub one half all over your hands as if you are 'washing' them with lemon juice. then rinse with water

Run a stainless steel butter knife over your hands while holding your hands under the faucet. The onion odors will disappear right away.

Hi, you may want to try and wash your hands with baking soda. Happy Thanksgiving.

Any of these simple solutions will work equally well to take the smell of onions off your hands.

1. Take a tablespoon or more of everyday table salt in the palm of your hands. Wash vigorously under warm water. Rinse off and dry.
2. Dip your hands in tomato juice for at least five minutes. Then, rinse your hands with liquid detergent in warm water.
3. Rub your hands against stainless steel metal (a kitchen sink works well) under cold running water for about a minute; rubbing with a large metal spoon works, too.
4. Make a small paste of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and water and rub over your hands, then wash off and the odor will disappear with the soda.
5. Squeeze the juice of lemons into a bowl. Dip your hands in for 3 minutes, then rinse off. Your hands will smell like fresh lemons instead of onions!
6. Take some mouthwash and rub it on your hands for a minute or two and then rinse with water.


* Make sure to use cold water, when you wash your hands in warm water it opens up your pores in your hands and traps in the onion smell.
* Make sure the tomato juice has not reached its expiration date before you put your hands into it. Canned or cold, either way will work for the tomato juice solution.
* It is also possible to purchase vegetable shaped or oval shaped stainless steel "soaps" that can sit permanently at your kitchen sink. They don't cost much and they really work. Look in kitchen supplies.
* All of these solutions work equally well with garlic odors.

1. or all of the the following; apple cider vinegar/salt/or lemon, adding soap while washing, and you'll be fine

Rub your hands on a stainless steel sink or use lemon juice

I tried the salt thing and it did not work then I tried rubbing a metal spoon under cold water and that really helped me.

with lemon juice…just cut one in half and rub it in your hands

rub them with fresh lemon slices

Eitehr lemon juice or vinegar work, just rub over your hands, then with soap and water.

use handwash or even lemon…use sum other strong-smellin handwash…

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