What is gas used for in a home?

hot water heater

hot water
Outdoor grill / smoker
Gas fire place
Swimming pool heating
Hot tub heating

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Mainly for heating and cooking. Perhaps you have had more baths or showers. Water heating uses a lot. Perhaps you could get your boiler checked and if it is an old one consider upgrading to a higher efficiency boiler.Ask when you have your annual safety check.
In the past was used for lighting until electric lights became the norm.

Water heater takes lot of gas, if you have oven then it is one of the big gas eater.

In addition to your oven, stove and hot water heater, many people also have a gas dryer. If you do a lot of laundry during the warmer months that could account for some of the usage. Also, some people have their house gas supply piped to their outside gas grill. If this is your case then this could also add to the amount of gas you use. If none of these explanations makes sense, then I would call the gas company and have them come and inspect your meter and the gas pipes. You might possibly have a leak in the line. If this were the case it could prove to be extremely dangerous. Good luck

By law no new refrigerator contains CFCs

Yeah as he said above. But I feel you have an electric oven, since if you cook everyday with flames you would have obviously mentioned that its being used for that. I'm wondering if you take multiple showers/doing dishes, and your hot water tank isn't electric, that could be running up the price. Also, the heat level on the tank could be up. Plus, do you turn your thermostat down to it's lowest setting or go to your furnace and actually turn out the pilot light?

Gas is used for the following,

Gas Stove
Water Heater (Boiler) Used for hot water for your bath etc and for your heating system in your house.

Thats pretty much it unless, you have other appliances that require the use of Gas.

Hope this helps.

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