How much weight can a 53 ft semi trailer carry?

Here are the weight regulations for anyone that drives a 48-53ft trailer in California, unless certain permits for over weight trucks are provided.

Steers (Front Axle) – 12,000lbs
Drives (Middle Axle) – 34,000lbs
Tandems (Back Axle) – 34,000lbs
Total Weight Gross – 80,000lbs

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80 tons ,

The average weight for a loaded trailer is approximately 22 tons. Length isn't the issue whether it's a 48ft trailer or 53ft trailer, gross combination cannot be more then 80,000lbs. Most empty tractor trailer combinations are 33-36000 lbs.

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How much weight can a 53 ft semi trailer carry?
I need to move and I figured I can buy a trailer and pay a company to haul it cheaper than trying to hire plus I have a instant secure storage space on the property as I'm building.

You moving the whole house, or just your stuff, Watch out for the bridge
Some places will give you estimates

The average is 43,000 to 45,000 in most states. Depending on how far and how much weight you will need to move. In the Pacific Northwest some companies can haul as much as 60,000 pound of pay load, total gross of 105,500.
If you are building your home than it may not be a good idea to use the trailer for storage. Some companies may charge you to use the trailer for storage. A few of the companies that I have worked for has charged as much as $150 a day after the first 3 days. If you you want to do something like this then it may best to rent a storage container for this.

A tractor trailer can legally gross 80,000 lbs. That is a payload of somewhere around 42-45,000 lbs. You can move all of your belongings and not reach near half of that.

12000lb in front.34000 in middle and 34000 at rear

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