Clutch is popping out of gear while driving?

it is a 2004 audi a4 1.8t ultrasport 6 speed.

while driving, particularly in 3rd and 5th gear – the shifter "ghost shifts" out of gear and into neutral. i have notice that the shifter sometimes "hesitates" to go into gear like it's sticky or something (i feel like it sticks closer to me, rather than closer to the engine).

what could be causing this? note that i cannot recall the last time the tranny fluid was changed.


Go to an Audi dealer and buy the Audi synthetic gear lube, or have then change it for you. You can help yourself by power washing your engine compartment with GUNK orange. Many times, a problem like yours is due to a failing motor or trans mount That has moved the shifter linkage out of kilter. This is NOT a very expensive problem to correct. You can also research this for yourself using ALLDATA data base found at many upper end libraries. HOW MANY MILES on your car?? Don't forget to have your crankcase ventilation hoses cleaned, and use ONLY oil that meets Audi specification 502/505 (NO Valvoline!) in your ENGINE!!! Anything else will cause premature turbo and gasket failure!!! Use only genuine AUDI coolant and brake fluid as well!! GOOD LUCK!!

3rd and 5th are in the same direction. What is happening is not the clutch popping out or gear as clutchs only disengage when you press the pedal down. Your transmission is popping out of gear. Your linkage is not allowing you to put it fully into gear and it will pop out. If your motor mounts allow the engine to shift some while you are driving that will also contribute to it popping out of gear. Have your gear shift linkage re-adjusted where it is going into gear fully. If it still continues to pop out of those gears then the gears have worn from not being fully engaged and you will need to have those gears replaced in your transmission.

The CLUTCH doesn't shift. The TRANSMISSION does. You need to have a transmission shop inspect your vehicle. Your description does not reflect sufficient understanding to ask the right question.

the clutch is,nt popping out, it,s the transmission. try adjusting the linkage. it might not be going in all the way.

Is this a manual transmission? Most of the time when a transmission pops out of gear, it's due to worn bushing/bearings in the transmission, causing the shafts to have play, and allowing the reactive force of the gears to just work the shaft back and out of gear. The not wanting to go into gear is another symptom, as well as indicating worn syncros. It may be time for a rebuild.

You have what is called a bad or worn synchronization gear . Time to rebuild the trans with a new one.

Worn clutch plate I think. My friend does amateur races and he has to replace his occasionally.

time for a new Clutch.

its probably the pressure plate and/or throw out bearing…

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