How Much money does it cost to get your hair relaxed?

I go to Dominicans and they charge $30.00

In a salon it depends on your length. If you have short hair its about 150-250.

Medium Length hair is about 250-350.

And Long hair can go anywhere from 300-600 dollars.

It all depends on where you go.

it depends where you get it done but its' between $100-$600 good luck

depends on what relaxer you get and hair type.. it can cost like $50 or $100. dominican salons charge like $50. before you get one be careful because relaxers can damage your hair and scalp. you would have to retouch your hair like every 6 to 8 weeks. remember once you relax it you cant get your natural texture back unless you cut off the relaxer or gorw it out. if you want to wear your hair natural sometimes then dont do it.

i got mine done my my cousin. she charged me $45 cus im family. but it didnt work too good. I just made it way easier to straighten. and the roots grow back wavy. I miss my curly hair… 🙁

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