How long do sew in hair extensions last?

About how long do they last and do they hurt? My hair grows pretty quickly when I bleach my roots it grows back in about a week so you can see my dark hair starting to come in already.. Do the extensions like… Grow out or something? I hear you have to go in and have them checked out once in a while.. I would get clip in ones but I don't want to fuss with them every morning I want it permanent. I've had glue in ones a long time ago. Hated it. Yucky :p Anyone who's had them sewn in PLZ tell my your experience with them and the maintenance that comes along with it.

They last according to how fast your hair grows- just as you indicated. Your hair is braided tight at first, but as it grows the braid gets further from your scalp and the tracks will become looser and looser.

Most of your real hair is covered so it wont matter. You will need to keep the front/exposed portion maintained to match the weave hair. If you have perm or have your hair straightened, you will need to maintain this. Also, your hair will mat and tangle if left in the braids too long. The recommendation is about 6-8 weeks for sew-ins. You may be able to keep it in longer but you shouldn't.

they usually fall out, or grow out.
My mums had them, and they pull on your hair so much that they often make you bald, as it puts stress on your scalp.
That doesnt always happen to everyone. I dont know what your suggesting, Are you wanting a weave? if so, weaves are really good and look so natural and easy to care for!
They simply plait your hair and place them over it, Watch youtube videos, they often give you ideas and clues.
hope I helped

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