What can I add to cream of mushroom soup?

Green onions

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What can I add to cream of mushroom soup?
I have plain old Campbell's cream of mushroom soup.
I'm not looking for a recipe that includes it,
I was wondering what I could add to the soup to make it extra tasty! 😀
& I would definitely make green bean casserole, but I have no French fried onions! D':

If you have a box of Stove Top stuffing, you can use that in place of French fried onions. Just use half the package and toss it with several Tbsp. of melted butter before topping.

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You can and it won't be weird, but creamed canned soup is usually used in place of white sauce. If you really want to make a mushroom sauce, saute fresh sliced mushrooms and add it to the white sauce. Hard to recommend spices when I don't know what you are using the white cause with. Certainly salt & pepper is fine. Tarragon is great with chicken and fish. Oregano and Basil with Italian dishes and Chile Powder or Cayenne pepper if you want to spice it up. Fresh chopped parsley goes with almost any savory dish.

One thing that is quite tasy in and of itself is the soup as is over toast =)

sweet corn and green onion is good or a bit of cheese and garlic

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