How do you get nail polish out of your hair?

About the best cleaning product that has ever been introduced to the market, and I don't sell it, is the old Amway L.O.C. (liquid organic concentrate) that has been around since the early 1950's. You would be amazed at the number of cleaning jobs it can do–and it quite gentle to your skin, hair, whatever. Dealers have been known to actually brush their teeth with the product just to impress their audience. It is quite safe and extremely effective with most any task. My family is never without a gal. of the product nearby.

Why werent you watching her. What are you scared off? Just watch her hair and stop being a DRAMA QUEEN.

CALL 911…WAIT……SHE GOT NAIL POLISH IN HER HAIR den call the beauty salon it 555-635-6778!

just wash it unntil it comes out

Nail polish remover won't change her hair color. Put some on a cotton ball and wrap it around the strands, slowly go down the strands. Repeat as needed. Use a good clarifying shampoo after it has been removed and then a light conditioner.

either wash and scrub really hard or cut that part off, but i think u could scrub it hard out but if that doesn't work then just go get a hair cut!!!

I would take her to a professional salon – they will know what's best to do about that.

in todays world nobody's going to notice the nail polish in her hair.

If you are considering alcohol, you may as well just use the polish remover. At least you would know it works. I don't even think that alcohol would work.

The same way you get it off your fingernails. Nail Polish remover.
Nail Polish remover is acetone with fragrance.

try to put hair color and wash it off

Just leave it alone. It will eventually wear off. If you can't wait. You may have it cut her hair.

i would leave it and just wash it .YOu maybe even call a hair dresser and they may help you out .

you might want to use fingernail polish remover thats like the only thing you can use… good luck

get some alcohol and a wash rag it should rub right out

Just wash it over and over, and scrub it good.

I like the scissors answer….it'll grow back…keep it simple.

Wow, you've certainly gotten a lot of answers!
I would suggest baby oil and/or alcohol wipes.

shampoo & alcohol

trust me it works
nail polish remover

Try rubbing alcohol.

Umm… go to the local hair stlyest!

Nail polish remover WILL get the nail polish out of her hair and the worst that will happen is that she'll get split ends

For the best answers, search on this site

OMG!!! I have black hair and I wear black nail polish all the time but if someone was that stupid enough to call me a goth I would just punch them in the face!! <3 Amanda-Lee :] xoxo

wash her hair until the nailpolish comes out.

A new hair cut is in order.

I would try a sensitive type nail polish remover on her hair and not her scalp. Put some on a cotton ball and let it sit for a second in the hair – then try to peel the polish with your thumb and index finger along the hair shaft.

Then – wash her hair. Hopefully it will still be pretty. If not – cut it.
It's only hair.

After I would perhaps try putting nail polish and other fun
big girl stuff out of her reach.

wash, rinse, repeat. got it?

Cut off the piece. She's four, it'll grow back quick. I got glue in my hair as a youngster and my mom hacked it. Not like it matters, no one will notice.

u can use peanut butter it happened 2 me b4 trust me

Go ahead with the nail polish remover, she's already done the damage. Be sure you vids to blackmail her with when she's a teen and all full of herself!

how much polish? it is just hair and whatever you do it will grow back, you could let it alone, it will wash out with a few baths and brushings maybe or you could clip it out or you could be radical and clip it short. I would hesitate to use chemicals on a kid myself

A repeated wash may do the trick. Or even though I know this works best with chewing gum but try putting ice ON THE HAIR and maybe it will break up and peel off.

Try acetone free nail polish remover, after brushing it to remove what chipped off. Use small amounts on a cotton ball and do not let it get in her eyes, shampoo and condition afterwards. If it damages her hair, you can always cut it later.

Why do you have nail polish just laying around for a 4yr old to get to? I keep mine high up where my little cousins and son cant get to to do some damage.

What about a scissor

Cut all the hair off lol

Raw Egg Whites


Carefully… lol… no really… I would simply try to wash it out with shampoo and use a comb in the shower. Anything that's left, little tough pieces, use a small amount of remover. Don't over do it and was again immediately.

i used nail polish remover on my hair to get nail polish out, acetone at that, and it was fine for me… but im 17, i dont know about a 4 year old

nail polish remover wont kill hair. use it

Just cut the section of hair out.

Soap and water…get a haircut. I am sure she will be just fine…

You could use nail polish remover, but don't "wash" her hair with it. Find the polish in her hair, use an old towel or cloth and pour the polish remover over her hair. Fold the towel over it and rub it or blot it. And you know what they say "Repeat as necessary." When you get done be sure to wash her hair with shampoo and water, it should remove any polish remover residue from her hair.
Good Luck.

Get ahold of a beautician….this is their line of work. Don't try to
do anything alone.

Nail Polish In Hair

You could try using baby oil and see if the dried polish will slide out – like you would to remove gum. Using ice might work, too.

Or a non-acetone nail polish remover if all else fails.

Once the nail polish has dried it actually shouldn't be too difficult to remove – in fact, unless it is a big knotted up mess, you *might* be able to slide it from the hair without using oil or chemicals.

Just wash it a couple of times and comb with a fine tooth comb. Don't put chemicals in her hair. It will come out!!! When I was 12 I put peroxide in my hair because my friends did and my hair always goes light now. Nail polish remover could strip the pigment in her hair.

dont let your kid touch nail polish answer is shampoo.

If you want to get it out scrub it then use alcolhol, and proxide and if that doesant work then just get out he dumb nail polish remover

well in 5th grade i decided to be stupid and put pink glittery nail polish on my eyebrows…………… friends helped me my scratching it out for me. literally using our fingernails scrapping it off. we didn't know any other way………………..don't ask me why i did it though b/c IDK…………….

well since hair re-grows don't be wimpy. add some polish remover and then wash her hair out. it's not like it's going to be permanent damage… or get the scissors and don't let her near your polish anymore. and I serioulsy doubt nail polish remover will make your hair blonde…

well i would suggest for you to use the fingernail polish remover, but make sure it dosent get on her scalp or on hair line, because thats the only thing that would get it out. And be very careful using it.

I would try nail polish remover…I can totally understand your hesitation, but what you could do is either try it on a small spot of her hair…or some hair that has already fallen out (e.g. from her hair brush).

If it doesn't work, it's possible that acetone might work…but you may have the same issues.

By the way, I don't think it will sting her scalp…that's just like the rest of the skin we have, so if it doesn't sting her hand/arm (which also has hair), it won't sting her scalp.

Nail polish might not work, and alkohol is just as bad. Try going to a salon and maybe try using a shampoo.


nail polish remover

dont use alachol that is dangerious to her membranes get your antiberical bacterical dishwashing liquid. this will remove it and wont cause her hait to lighten up in no way and is very safe . and dont let this polish get in her eyes that can cause eteration she will be fine based on fact my sisters girls now grown and done the same thing . kids. cant do with out them cant do with thim . a uncles love toward all children . my opion is based on fact on this matter my opion?

baby oil

Scissors…. its the only way to get it all… hey it'll grow back.

Wash it with a little touch of Dishwashing Liquid. Dawn will work

punish her by cutting all her hair off thats the only way to get it out! im serious!

Try a little bit of olive oil. This should loosen up the nail polish and then you should be able to just scrape it off with your fingernail. If that doesn't work, take her to an expert at your local hair salon. Just be glad that it is only in her hair. When my daughter was 2, she got into my clear nail polish and I found her trying to put it on her eyelashes like mascara! I wasn't sure if she got any in her eyes, so i took her to the emergency room where they cleaned her eyes out.

Use nail polish remover and then wash.…

Try mineral oil, as well, with goggles on daughter for eye protection.

use acetone, or expensive nail polish

try peanut butter. it helps cos i'd tried before.

Yuo could jus put some nail polish remover on a towel and rub it on the part of your hair that has the nail polish on it.

Try washing her hair everyday for 3 weeks or less. or you can go to a hair specialist and ask wat you should do.

see if peanut butter works-not joking

i think there's a special shampoo for that…

cut her hair off!

Boy oh boy!! So many of the answers here are mis-information. Use nail polish remover or even acetone. Dampen a clean rag, terrycloth is best, and wipe the polished hair until the polish is gone. Do NOT pour the liquid on her head. Neither will color her hair nor bleach it. They both have a drying effect on the skin (skin will turn redish) so it is important to wash her hair thoroughly afterward. Try a kid shampoo. You might even try a hair conditioner or hand lotion to replace some of the lost oils. Good luck!!

You can try and soak her hair. It shouldn't be hard to get it out esp. after a few washes. Try using soap and let her hair soak then comb it. If it still doesn't work take her to a salon. Hope it works.

I am not sure go and see a doctor mabye they have a cleanser or somthin! Good Luck

Wet with mild shampoo and wrap her head with foil…let it soak for a long period, then wash and rinse..chances are good that it will come out. Good luck

use non acetone nail polish remover

Put nail polish remover on your hair

Shave all her hair off

The same way you take of nail polish of your nails!

wash her hair, don't worry too much, it will grow out.

Jus wash it out. It will come off.

Use the nail polish remover and then wash her hair,right away with baby shampoo! Her hair won"t fall out! FYI don"t let her do her nails anymore she"s too young!

Ok I want to know how the nail polish got in your hair to begin with.

hello i dnt think that your sister had polished her hair fully…… but after all you can use dilute acetone or alchohol to remove it. it will make no harm to the hair of your sister……. ok hav nice time and enjoy……….

Nail Polish remover, small amount though dont want to hurt your baby girl

if u use nail polish remover and DEEP condition your hair it will not fall out.

I think you may have a shot with some peanut butter.

First let it dry. Don't use nail polish remover. Like regular paint, it will eventually chip out, but if you can't wait that long, take a brush and gently brush it out. It will probably take some time, so don't try to do it all in one sitting or you'll make her hate you brushing her hair, or you could hurt her scalp temporarily by making it sensitive, that kind of thing. Beyond that, if you have to go out very soon and you need to hide it, try a pretty, well-placed bow.

Hope this helps,


Hey – I found this for ya! Hope it helps!

This one is rather straight forward. First isolate the hairs with polish on them from the non affected hair. Soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover and gently stroke the affected hairs until the polish is gone. Once the polish is removed, keep the hairs isolated until the polish remover has been neutralized with water.

After you shampoo the hair, be sure to use a cream rinse or a good conditioner to close down the hair cuticle from the damage caused from the polish and the remover.

It is possible that the polish remover will slightly discolor the hair and if the area is large and visible, may require a professional color job to mask the damage.

No acually i think that nail polish remover is the best way to go. Im not sure if it colors your hair, so you have to be careful (I think you know that) You just use a very little amount, enough to get rid of the polish only where it is. use a tissue or something and just rub it where it is and no where else.

keep washing a lot

Just use shampoo and conditioner

Just use the nail polish remover, it's just hair. Either that or cut it out. As long as she doesn't drink the nail polish remover it's not going to harm her. You let her paint her nails at 4 years old, and you're concerned with toxic substances? It's on her nails too, or did you forget?

Nails and hair are made of the same substance, you can't say you don't want to use remover in her hair, if you've allowed her to go and paint her nails.

Additionally, you know that nail polish chips? Right? What if the paint starts peeling and she decides to eat it?

Nail polish used to come with a disclaimer on the bottle, not for use by children under 7 or something like that.

At 4 years old, when that paint starts peeling she's going to try to eat it.

put thinner on a piece of cotton and apply it on your hand

rubbing alcohol

LOL! Kids does the darnest things!!

What you may want to do is… Call the 800 number for Clairol or Paul Mitchell maybe even your local Hair Salon in your area. Inform them of what happened, and I am sure that they will have some type of suggestion for you. To get the 800 number for Clairol or Paul Mitchell or for any 800 numbers call… 800.555.1212 it's free and it is the toll free phone numbers information. Good Luck sweeite!

Go to a hair salon and get them to take it out. They have all the right stuff there and will probably get it done faster that way.

I would not use nail polish remover either. Try alcohol it may work

It shouldn't be a problem. I think if you want to avoid the gothic look just wear brighter makeup and not all black all the time. I do black nails with my black hair all the time, I don't think it comes off as goth.

yeah 4 year olds are good for that mine did that to me last week but she put it in her 3 year old sisters hair I used remover on her hair by putting it onto a washcloth then blot the nail polish with the washcloth,putting remover in her hair will discolor it !!! I was finally able to get the rest of it out today it will wear down to where you can comb it out !!! Hope this helps good luck !!

Consult a stylist.

Your not going to like this but 95% Alochol will get it out but it will damage your hair.

dont let her play with finger nail polish

Try a little rubbing Alchola it worked on my 2yr old granddaughters hair she touched her hair b4 it dried on her nails & i used rubbing alchol

Just lather the hair or section with shampoo or conditioner. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, rinse and blow dry while combing and the polish will have chipped away.

You can also try removing it with hand sanitizer while coming or brushing the nail polished area. Good luck!

Try to use small amount of nail remover,followed by warm water,then repeat several times untill nail polish comes out.Don't get the polish remover on the child scalp it very well may burn her skin.

I hate it when that happens tome allthe time!!

its peanut butter time (or time to take a hot bath)

finger nail polish is the only way on a cotton ball or small cloth

Prolly you should just scrub it really good.


I believe if you shampoo it, it will be come easy to use you nails to pull it off… It sounds weird but it works. It will slide right off of the hair like it does when you get some on your fingers.

I think you should either wash it a lot and scrub it real good. Or you can wait till her hair grows and cut it.

1. Wet hair
2. Apply copius amounts of cheap hair conditioner.
3. Rub conditioner 'into' nail polish and try to slide it off the hair.
4. Rinse and repeat.
5. When all that's left are little stubborn bits then use an acetone free polish remover sparingly.

Good Luck

Use the nail polish remover.Ive tryed to strip my hair with nail polish remover …doesn't work….so your safe with that.

It depends how far up the nail polish is. Use the nailpolish remover until you get close to her scalp. That might have to just grow out. It'll probably come out after a couple of showers anyways. Good luck!

You can try a mix of lime juice and coconut milk. It should help to get nail polish off her hair naturally.

You can also try this herbal nail polish removal containing only fruit extracts.

Best of Luck

I am sure you could use non-acetone polish remover. You would of course not soak her head with it but use it sparingly on each strand.

acetone will not hurt her just use a little on a cotton ball and follow with shampoo

Use the nail polish remover. She is four and her hair will grow out if you are concerned about that. Next, it's time to put up the nail polish out of her reach. Better still, now it's time to go through the house and kid proof it. Anything that you may think she can get into, she will try. Start to rearrange your kitchen, bathroom and medicine areas of things she can get into and put them higher up. Kids do the darndest things. LOL Good luck!

use a mascara wand and some nail polish remover

try nail polish remova or oil (cookin oil)

Take her to a salon, they should have something or be able to tell you what to use that will be safe.

I think in time it will come out but nail polish remover is not good it will damage the hair. (Anything with alcohol will.)



Guntai no style ha ikaga?

How about army style?

it wont make her hair fall out ,,just do it quick<<<

dish soap and try hair spray and then wash it if not mayo my little sister put it in my hair and hair spray works or goo be gone you can buy it at almost any store oh rubbing alcohol but dont use nail polish remover or bleach and buy a lice comb and use baby oil to loosen it up well hope you get it out! p.s. dont worry she will be okay

you need to cut it

You don't have to be scared to you nail polish remover. It won't do damage to her hair. Furthermore wash her hair if you're that scared to use polish remover!! Good Luck!!!!

just scrub HARD with soap and water OR you can try an Anti-dandruff shampoo, they have chemicals similar to those found in nail polish remover.

polish is dry by now rinse hair with hair conditioner leave on hair take nail polish remover and remove polish from hair comb conditioner through hair and rinse out

try using corn oil or something oily

nail polish remover

use acetone!

Wash her hair and wash good at that spot really good

Sorry that happened to your daughter 🙂

wash your hair with nail polish remover

how 'bout just cutting it most of it off and the small places in certain key places like right by the forehead just like it grow out.

Hey, it might be time for a nice 'short' summer haircut.

cut it out

let it dry and pick it out.

ots alot like gum, realy. ice it and then make her take a shower

i think the only thing you "can" do is use nail polish remover then wash and condition it right away.i hope this helps you and good luck.:)

Place her in the shower, use the nail polish remover quickly, get it all out, then use shampoo to remove the polish remover 2-3 times repeated, rinse thoroughly, all should be well:) This has happened to many parents so don't feel bad:)

use some baby oil and a fine toothed comb,if you dont have baby oil,use vaseline!go slow as to not hurt her!


try egg whites or try nail polish remover, but if you use the nail polish remover trim a part of hair near her neck and put some nail polish remover on it and wait a couple minutes to see if it bleaches the hair. good luck!!!!!!!!!!

Nail polish remover


try goo gone… it can removed nail polish.. or even GUM !!

u can get it at markets… good luck

I think that's the only way sweetie. remover, then use a moisturizing shampoo after ward and a heavy conditionioner. remover won't make her hair fall out or turn blonde. it's acetone not bleach.

Just wash it and cut some of the hire and give her a wedge and she well be loking nice

Use nail polish. No difference between hair and nails and you let her use it on her nails. Were you supervising her with the polish?
Just rub gently with a cotton ball and try to not rub the scalp.

u have to scrub it.

Nail polish remover that is acetone free *might* not bleach out her hair.
If repeated washing with baby shampoo doesn't get it out, I'd try scissors.

tell her nice goin'. j/k! Have her get in the tub, but don't give her a bath. Have her stand and try to rinse out all the nail polish. It should work, though it will take alot of hot water!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about your daughter,

acetone free nail polish remover. put her head over the sink and get a cotton ball and work it through the hair real fast that has the polish on it and rinse the hair out real fast and then shampoo.

V05 hot oil treat ment. it will come right out when the oil is warm and still soaked into your hair. all you have to do is pull out the peices with your finger nails or a fine tooth comb. it works because it worked for me. but remember that the oil still needs to be saturated into the hair.

i think you ahould wash her hair with shampoo and conditioner. repeat the process until it comes out. oh and tell her to ask you to paint her nails and dye her… i think i did that once….

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