What do you serve as a side with chicken and dumplings?

steamed vegetables

Carrots, bisquets and a salad.

Good question. I love chicken and dumplings and make it all the time. It's one of those recipes that's really a whole meal in one. May I suggest a dessert to go along with the chicken and dumplings instead of having a side dish. Maybe a fruit dessert, something light as chix and dumplings is heavy.

we have french cut green beans and corn.

As you think of what you want to serve as a side, remember that the dish already has protein and is already heavy in starch, meaning carbohydrates. Your first choices would be of a green variety such as green beans or green peas. If you did not want to do green, your next choice would be carrots, not corn as corn is also high in carbs. What really taste good is that if you serve like green beans or peas as a side, along with carrots, you can also mix them with the dumpling juice on your plate and it then kind of has the taste of eating a chicken pot pie…I think its a cool idea myself. Also, a nice green salad on the side is good. Dessert, I would go more for a fruit cup or apples, etc. A cobbler, cake or pie is overdoing it with the carb amounts of the dish and it and will leave you feeling full and miserable.

I was served mine in a bowl with cornbread and tea……Side,none was served…

butterbeans, a biscuit, and peach cobbler.

Chicken and Dumplings is a meal by it's self, we add the veggies into it and call it good.

corn on the cob

My favorite is broccoli sauteed in a pan with some sesame oil, garlic cloves, and lemon juice. It is SO good!

Cottage cheese and a fruit of some kind….peaches or stewed apples are my favorites but any fruit would be good.

Fresh fruit would be good

Corn or applesauce.

What time is supper? I'm starving. 🙂


green beans, mashed potato's

A tossed salad and a vegetable sounds good to me.

mashed potatoes green beans and Apple Pie!

toasty garlic bread and a nice fresh garden salad!

green beans

I usually don't serve anything. the way I fix it it has veggies in it, usually celery and carrots and there is starch/carbs in the dumplings and protein in the chicken. if anything I would have a simple salad.

More chicken and dumplings… Yumm!

A nice crisp leafy salad. No need for anything else. Maybe a light dessert since dumplings are kinda heavy,

Serve chicken and dumplings with a side of rice or it would be bettter over the rice. Also could put it over sauteed cabbage.

Pasta Salad

veggies….corn, carrots, salad

That's it, the dumplings are the side. Maybe green beans. That's one of the things that my Mom could really cook. She made these little floating biscuits that were wet on the outside. I've tried 20 times. She says it is all about sifting the flour over and over. I tried, still, soggy bread dough for me…

Good luck!

ritz or club crackers

rice,stuffing,a green veggie

cottage cheese

The way I make mine it has veggie (carrot ts celery onions mushrooms) in it so if i serve anything else I usually do a salad. Spinach and onion tomatoes with a light dressing.

Enjoy your dinner I am planning chicken and dumplings for Saturday night

A fresh garden salad.


Mixed veggies cooked with white rice, maybe with a little bit of shredded chicken; macaroni&cheese, beans, green beans, collard greens, and corn.

Fruit Salad is great with dumplings…

We eat ours with pinto beans and cole slaw.

Peas and Carrots with a few peach slices as well.

field peas, or steamed broccoli, or green beans – something green

My mom usually has a good mixed salad, then she gets those long loafs of bread and breaks them up and bakes it for a few min. with butter, garlic and or cheese!

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