How can i say ( my love ) in Arabic ??



my life= hayati /omree

love in arabic "alhob"

Male: Habibi

Female: Habeebti [Classical Arabic= Habeebati]

or you can say 'hobbi' [stress on the "B" ] and this one can be used for both males & females

I'm going with "habibi" for a man and "habibti" for a woman. However, Arabic has a lot of terms of endearment that are stronger (more romantic) than that, but they translate to things like "my life", "my soul" or "light of my eyes". "Habibi" and "habibti" can be used among friends and from parent to child as well as between lovers, so it doesn't have the strong romantic connotation that "my love" has in English.

My love to a male is "habiby" >>> /y/as in baby
to a female is "habibaty" >>> /y/ as in Elephant
the previous was Stndard Arabic.
the Egyptian dialect is "habiby" {m}
Lebanese,Syrian is "habiby " >>{m}
and "habiibty" {f}
Notice the vowels
All / i / is pronounced as in Elephant
Hope it helps.

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my love = محبوبي
my dear = حبيبي (to a man)
my dear = حبيبتي (to a woman)

the difference is that you can call your father, brother, friend etc حبيبي (habeebi), but you can't call them محبوبي (mahboobi), it would sound gay.

My Love In Arabic

Habeebee to a man, habeeba or habbeeb to a woman

Habibi (or habibiti) means beautiful, depending on the sex. Anabehabic (pronunciation) means I love you…

Beloved In Arabic

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How can i say ( my love ) in Arabic ??


Habibi=my love,my darling
There s a nice song by Amr Diab called "Habibi ya Nour el Ayn" you can check it at it has the english translation.

isn't it "habibi"

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