Why do my armpits always smell even when i wear deodorant?

I hate it, I'm a 16 year old girl and even after i put like 3 layers of deodorant on, i still smell sweaty there and and the worst part is that my armpit smell sometimes MIXES in with the smell of the deodorant. I've never had the problem before until recently and I've always used the same deodorant. Im not overweight or anything im thin and I really need help with this. So what should i try doing?

Im going to a christmas party later so i there anything around the house i could use?

I've had the same thing happen to me. Try a new deodorant and that will fix the problem. I highly recommend Degree Natureffects orange flower + cranberry. It sounds like a weird scent but it actually smells really nice and covers up that problem you were just talking about. Sorry, I can't think of anything around the house except maybe borrowing someone else's deodorant (you could wipe it off before and after with a tissue if you think that might be gross).

try a different deoderent or a clinic strength

It seems as if your body has gotten use to the deodorant so its not really helping anymore. I suggest buy a new brand or new a scent. Try getting a different one, since the body is not use to it.

Happened to me before. I have a few different scents and it works !

This is the same technique I have taught over 138,000 men and women in 157 countries to successfully treat their excessive sweating condition over the past 7 years!

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Hi! I work on the Secret brand, and I'll share my personal experience. I've learned through working on Secret that if I apply my deodorant at night, it actually works even better. You can check out this video that explains how the protection works best – http://secret.com/secret-clinical-streng… Click on "How it works" to watch the video.

I also really like the Sensitive Skin formula and Waterproof that Secret Clinical Strength offers. I really hope this is helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Omg girl, I had the EXACT same problem. This is how I fixed it.
I take a shower that day, preferably in the morning. Right after the shower, I use a good amount of deodorant. It took me a while to find a deodorant that works with my smelly pits because everytime I'd put on another deodorant, it would just mix with my smell. YUCK. I found that non-fruity fragrances work the best. I use secret Coco Butter the solid kind, and I find that even if I'm sweaty and smelly, I apply the deodarant and bam! You can only smell the Coco Butter. I suggest a nice fragrance to spray after you apply the deodarant and seriously, you'll be good and fresh the entire day.

Smelling Armpits

Maybe you need a different product, or you are just being extremely self conscious

maybe you are already doing this so don't get upset with me. the first thing i recommend is bathing regularly. then apply the deodorant. it should help for a while

if the problem persists maybe talk to your doctor. i have heard that there are ways to treat sweat glands to where you won't sweat from your armpits. i don't recommend widespread use of the treatment because sweating is how your body help cool itself

Are you really using a deodorant–that is, not an antiperspirant? There is a difference. Some deodorants don't actually have odor-fighting ingredients. They're basically just perfumes.

Clinical-strength antiperspirants are really good. Try CertainDri, which is available in drugstores. I also like Mitchum. Maxim antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis, available online, is the best, in my opinion.

I was always thin, too, but I found that intense, sweaty workouts and then a relaxing shower or bath afterwards would go a long way in helping me be less sweaty. 🙂

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did yo know baking soda can kill bacteria causing the odor? try it as your deo powder.


You must find the perfumes , deodorants, bathing soap that best works for you. Our bodies are very different in certain ways. There are a lot of products on the market, but most of them don't work just for everybody.

Same exact issue. i just scrub a little harder and try not to become nervous or anxious and sweat. vagisil wash also helps.

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